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How It All Happened

Meher Baba's 1931 movie scenario, 'How It All Happened,' in Five Parts

The film scenario, written by Meher Baba in 1931 and never produced, is given form for the first time, though assembly of movie clips and song fragments by the very funny and creative Dom Rice. Go here for all Five Parts.

Through five representative lifetimes – as a canibal, a cruel king, a merchant, a mendicant, and a disciple – one soul spans its entire spiritual evolution to its goal of God-realization.

Note: In each segment given below, the picture is of the main character X, who in the end becomes God-realized. So it makes the flow of the story through lifetimes a bit clearer.

Part 1: First Life 

Cannibals are eating a corpse around a fire in a jungle. One man, X, catches the eye of a young woman, Y. They smile at one another and he throws her a tasty piece of flesh. She eats it. Another man, Z, is jealous and a fight ensues between the two men. X wins and kills Z.

X as the canibal that wins the girl
Clips are taken from the 1981 comedy Caveman.

X = Ringo Starr
Y = Shelley Long
Z = John Matuszak

    Part 2: Second Life

    A great but cruel king, Z, is reigning in Turkey; he kills all foreigners who fall into his hands. X, a Persian, is captured by the king and is tortured: he is bound to a tree and lashed; pins are thrust down his fingernails; he is hanged upside down while the soles of his feet are lashed. The king's wife, Y, pities the Persian fellow and asks her husband to forgive X for her sake. Z loves his wife greatly and forgives X, who then becomes a court favorite. Eventually, Queen Y falls in love with the foreigner. The king discovers this and kills them both.

    X as the foreigner
    Clips are taken from the Kung Fu Panda TV series, season one, episode 2 'The Princess and the Po' 

    Z: The murdered cannibal is now a cruel king; voiced by Dennis Haysbert
    X: The lover of the cannibal woman is now a foreigner; voiced by Jack Black
    Y: The cannibal woman becomes the cruel king's wife who pities X and asks her husband to spare him; voiced by Kari Wahlgren

    Part 3: Third Life

    Y, a merchant in China and his wife, X, have three daughters and one son. They are millionaires and live lavishly. The merchant is very honest. However, his son, Z, is a corrupt rogue, interested only in drink and drugs. Secretly, he uses his father's money to his own advantage. Z forges Y's check for a large amount, and Y comes to know about it. Instead of helping his son, Y imprisons him. The merchant's wife, X, loves Z and sorrows deeply. Gradually, she pines away. Soon Y, the merchant, becomes disgusted with his life and dies. Z suffers much in prison, and after being freed, he leads a good life and repents. He dies in peace.

    X as a grieving mother
    Clips are from It's a Wonderful Life and Jailhouse Rock

    Y: The queen killed by her husband now is an honest merchant in China; portrayed by Jimmy Stewart
    Z: The cruel king is now the merchant's son, a spendthrift; portrayed by Elvis Presley
    X: The foreigner and queen's lover is now the merchant's wife who loves her son; portrayed by Donna Reed

    Part 4: Fourth Life

    X is a king who becomes a mendicant and lives a life of renunciation with his wife Y.

    X as a mendicant
    Clips are from the 2007 Telugu film Gautama Buddha

    X: The Chinese merchant's wife is now a reigning prince in India; portrayed by Sunil Sharma
    Y: The Chinese merchant is now the prince's wife; portrayed by Kausha Rach
    Z: The rakish son is the prince's spiritually-minded slave;

    Part 5: Fifth Life 

    X finds a master and becomes God-realized. Y and Z become his followers.

    X (middle) as a master
    Cips are from Go WestDuck Soup, and At the Circus

    X: The former prince has become the elder brother who is a spiritual leader; portrayed by Grouch Marx
    Y: The former wife of the prince has become a brother who follows X; portrayed by Harpo Marx
    Z: The former slave of the prince has become a brother who also follows X; portrayed by Chico Marx

    The Back-Story Behind the Writing of How It All Happened

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