Sunday, July 2, 2017

Since When is Baba liberal about sex and drugs?

Since When is Baba a Liberal on Sex and Drugs? If you talk to the kids of the self-professed Baba people one would assume he was. This raises the question, is a Baba movement like this really the answer to any of our human ills?

The self-professed Baba followers are so heavily indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism that Baba's own teaching on many subjects has become entirely taboo to even discuss openly among them.

Take, for instance, teaching our children sexual abstinence before marriage. This sounds 'regressive' to Baba followers today. And yet it is precisely what Baba would counsel.

Another example is teaching your kids why drugs are bad for you, and not to even try them. This is not being taught, but again Baba would obviously counsel it for parents. I happen to know that parents tell their children Baba was not explicit on drugs, and that he said people have to decide for themselves, implying outright that they should experiment with them.

The few (very few, next to none) socially conservative Baba followers with notions in line with Baba's teachings on social behavior know to keep their mouths shut. Those with opposite views speak boldly as if it is somehow spiritually obvious that the opposite of these views is 'normal' for Baba followers, and somehow a neat fit. It's not.

Since when is Baba left of the Christian Church on these topics?

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