Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Nothing is so bad that it isn't good for something

Have you ever had something tragic happen to you, only to introspect much later and see that something very important to you would not have come about otherwise?

History is like that.

I often go to read the works of some philosopher who I anticipate is 'the enemy' or some 'rascal.' Only to come, upon much concentration, to see something truly vital and useful that came out of that -- something that later developments of a high nature could not have done without.

There are so many examples of this, that is is hard to find a suitable one that conveys all the many ways this happens.

Let us take atheism. Without the atheistic myopism in the West that followed the European Enlightenment, we would not even begin to be able to follow what Baba has said. Imagine him talking about human life on other planets, and our still thinking the Earth is the starting point of all life and the physical center, literally, of the Universe. Imagine him speaking about 'evolution' and our still thinking that man was literally created out of spit and dust 6000 years ago.

That is all I have to say on this. But realizing that nothing is so bad that it isn't good for something, if not just for seeing it as bad and then informing us of what is good, has informed all my reading since I first realized it. 

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