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Archaic Revival

There is this super dumb modern idea that in the ancient past of Earth's history, people started out very advanced with great true spiritual knowledge, and then this devolved and digressed into our modern stupid religions.

The notion is called 'archaic revival' and is responsible for people sitting around in sweat lodges smoking dope and feeling they are getting back to basics. The notion began in France in 18th century philosophy like that of Rousseau and his notion of the noble savage. The idea became even more wide-spread in the 19th century, and by the time of the Macey Conferences after WWII this was the standard line being marketed to the public, a cultural relativism, or even a superiority given to primitive people who were 'in touch with nature.'

All this is BS. Ancient religion still exists. A paradigm example is West African Vodun.

Primitive religion is marked by primitive conceptualization skills, as opposed to higher order abstract ideas. The developed great religions (in their mature form as understood by theologians) are subtle and complex. The include issues of epistemology, ontology, and teleology. Primitive religions think in terms of reifying ideas into actual spirits. Their gaze is toward the external, vivifying things in nature. Baba said that nature is God's fart. That is true. Look it up. You are buying a lot of horse doodoo. You are being lied to.

Now religions do digress and decay, into primitive thinking, not at all unlike voodoo. That is why they must be renewed from time to time by some figure or event, and revitalized. Baba talked about that. But their voodoo state is not their high state, as we have been told.

Taking drugs is sold to the public largely under the lie that it is part of 'close to nature' 'natural religions.'

Real religions always teach sobriety and restraint, never doping the mind into dullness.

Now here's what Baba taught. It's quite the opposite of the archaic revival myth. Baba says that the first humans were cannibals. (See Early Messages to the West, p. 178) It is likely there was some religious meaning to this zombie behavior.

Next, when men got tired of eating others for religious purposes, they began sacrificing virgins -- into volcanoes, into lakes, wherever.

That was when the 'natural religions' who were 'in touch with nature' weren't cutting the hearts out of living people and sliding them down chutes.

What about the ancient Indus Valley religion. They wrote a lot about their drug 'soma.' What did Baba say about them? He called them "drug addicts."
Now, in India . . . since ages, there are those who have been used to drugs, they are drug addicts. They are the ones who take ganja [sanskrit word for marijuana]. (No Plane for Zagreb, 1967)
So much for the early Indo-European religion.

At some point, Abraham came along and told the people to cut it out with sacrificing virgins and kill an animal instead. It makes the real god just as happy we learned. This of course is buried in a fable. So from then on the religions sacrificed bulls and lambs. Sad, but it was better than people.

Anyway, maybe 3 or 4 thousand years ago, Zoroaster came along and told people about good and bad, and it was better to be good. 'Natural' religions didn't know about good and bad. No. Really! They actually didn't!!!

Buddha gave some of the earliest techniques for liberation, and even much of the science of our binding too. This was abstract and subtle. Not as fun as smoking pot and sacrificing virgins.

About the time Jesus came, most religions (Greeks and Jews, Hindus too in far away India) still sacrificed animals to appease gods or 'the god.' This had been Abraham's legacy, remember. Well Jesus, knowing people can't give up old habits all at once, suggested 'he' be the lamb, and he'd be the sacrifice that keeps on giving. And all you have to do is eat a bit of bread and drink some wine. This new 'sacrifice' was a giant improvement. And the bulls and sheep were very appreciative.

Finally Mohammad came, and seeing that everyone seemed to worship just about anything external except God, he said God was the only one worth worshiping, which in fact Zoroaster had said at the very beginning. Mohammad was very against superstition, and for a while there were great developments in science, medicine, statecraft, and philosophy due to these emancipated people.

But all things wither right before a new advent. And hence many religions are today hardly distinguishable from voodoo. But that does not make voodoo the aim, like the archaic revivalists and relativists tell us. It means we must again have a revitalization, and we must go on with our ascent.

The path is not to return to worshiping nature and getting high. It's not to turn on, contemplate your navel, and drop out. That's what the CIA wanted you to do so that you would be ineffectual. 'Nature religion' is a lie. Nothing like it ever existed. Nature is harsh and brutal. That's why even dogs can't wait to return from their walks, so they can sleep in the air conditioning on the couch.

So in Baba's account it is quite different than the public trend in weaponized anthropology of the elite, trying to dumb you down and turn you into a savage. From Baba's perspective, the Avatars come and take man out of darkness and point him to the light, and lead him from the jungle, and slowly help him to tame his brutal instincts, and helps him to sober his mind from drug contamination. And it is the Avatars that lead us from primitive 'outward' looking toward physical environment, and turn to the much for subtle internal within ourselves. And he brings very abstract and fine ideas, slowly and in stages, and more than ever in this advent.

There is nothing wrong with nature, and it is good to eat trendy and expensive health-food store food. However, only God is worthy of worship. Not nature. Not invented 'gods.' Not money. Not our stomachs. Not our vulgar desires.

The Secret Story Behind the Intelligence Notebooks

Six months after Baba's death in 1969 two composition books appearing to date back to 1925 or 1926 were found at the bottom of a box in a shed at Meherabad. The notebooks were plain school composition books, the speckled kind. They were penned in in a very neat hand, on both sides of the paper, what appeared to be something by Meher Baba.

Here is my explanation of what I think the notebooks represent. At the bottom of this article, first written by me in 2012, is a new article summarizing my thoughts on this topic as they stand today.

Prior to the invention of the printing press in Germany in the 15th century, written books were constantly copied by scribes. It took a long time to scribe a book well by hand. The paper or parchment upon which books were copied was so unstable that copying of important works had to be constantly kept up. Otherwise the latest copy would evaporate before it was replaced. This is how ancient books came down to us through the ages. Had works such as the writings of Plato and Aristotle, the Bible and the Koran, not been copied and recopied in this way by hand for centuries, they would have simply disappeared.

But even with the invention of the printing press there was not immediately any easy way to make a safe backup copy as one waited for the work to be printed. So when an author was done with his original handwritten manuscript and was preparing to ship it off to an urban center to be printed, he very often had to make his own copy in case anything happened to the original along the way. For indeed there were bandits on the roads in those days, ships sank, wars would break out without warning, and so the authors wanted to protect their works so they would not rewrite their books from scratch. Thus a tradition was created that a copy be made before the original was sent out, and if the author could afford it he would hire someone to do it. And this was called a "fair copy." A person with good handwriting skills (an actual scribe was generally too expensive) was hired or recruited to make a hand-written duplicate (the fair copy) as a back-up protection prior to the original being sent out for further professional duplication. This was merely a safeguard that any practical writer would take. It was traditional. It was called a fair copy.

This tradition of producing a fair copy was continued well into the early 20th century. For although the "carbon copy" had largely replaced it, many people until very recently still wrote books by hand. Below is a fair copy of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, begun around 1922. See notes and corrections by the author on the left hand column.

Fair copy with additions, Finnegan's Wake, 1922
Compare the above snippet of a fair copy to the one below, taken from the Intelligence notebooks found in Meherazad in 1969. Note similarly what appear to be the author's requested corrections and additions on the margin.

From the notebooks, with similar author's additions in left hand side
Comparing the fair copy to text in Baba's handwriting
It is known that the hand-writer who wrote down the Intelligence Notebooks was working from material handwritten by Baba. To see that the person was copying original text from Baba's own handwriting, compare the text in the samples below. First is from the discovered manuscript (the fair copy), text taken from second notebook p. 11. Just below it is a scan from page 23 of the 39 pages of Baba's own handwriting that were discovered afterward and are also believed to have been written in 1925 or 1926 (published in 2000 as In God's Hand by Sheriar Press).

Note the first is the same basic text, copied and translated neatly, as the second. Some may wonder why there might be minor changes. Baba may have made some changes that he requested of the copier. Or the copier was asked to fix any errors as was customary of Baba to ask his mandali to do. It is incorrect to think Baba never changed his mind. Baba often changed his mind about words and even made mistakes when he wrote. See example below from p. 6 Baba's own handwriting from the same discovered material.

The comparisons between the Infinite Intelligence notebooks and Baba's own writing on the same subject are nearly endless. One is the squiggles that seem to be a polite and careful way to emulate an original that was in Baba's hand.

A squiggle from the copy of the notebooks
Check out this comparison. Above is from the notebooks, below in a portion copied into the notebooks as it was found in Baba's own handwriting.

  A squiggle from Baba's own handwritten notes.
Bhau with Baba 1960s
The Other Ten Percent
According to Baba's night watchman Bhau Kalchuri, in January 1969 Baba began dictating to him material that he wanted him to include in a book called The Nothing and the Everything. Baba told Bhau that God Speaks contained 90% of the missing book, but that Baba was giving Bhau the other 10%. Bhua has said that when he began to do some editing on the discovered manuscripts in the 1980s, he recognized instantly some of the points that Baba had been giving to him in 1969, leading Bhau to believe that the manuscript was in fact the missing book.

What I think the notebooks are
So this is what the notebooks found in the trunk at Meherazad, India in 1969 appear to me to be. They appear to be a fair copy of Baba's book that Baba had one of his mandali or a teacher at one of his resident schools quietly prepare for him at Meherabad in 1926 without telling anyone else about it. Baba had his own special plans for the original and knew it would be gone for a long time.

The table room where Baba wrote in 1925, 26
Here then is my guess as to the events that led up to the discovery of the notebooks in 1969. Baba wrote his missing book by hand (said to have been 250 pages) beginning in October 1925, using a pencil and loose leaf notebook paper in a table room (see image right) that he had constructed for this purpose. When he was done with his book, or at some point afterward, Baba had someone, probably not a mandali, prepare a fair copy of the book and then had it placed in a trunk. Who he asked to produce this copy is not known, but the person did an extremely neat job. Baba then used the original as a kind of prop or decoy, carrying it about, allowing small peaks, making it a spectacle. Baba had keys passed about and so forth to produce an elaborate trail to interest those that need such things. All this was done without anyone knowing about Baba's fair copy that he never discussed with anyone. He deliberately omitted his name or any mention of dates from the copy. He wanted it to appear lost, perhaps to be revealed later for his own reasons. This fair copy Baba had made was discovered in the trunk, by that time in a storage room at Meherabad, in 1969. No one had any idea what it was, but only guesses, as no one was allowed in on Baba's ploy. No date and or author name is present. Even the identity of the copyist is not stated anywhere on the manuscript. These are now called the Intelligence Notebooks, and an extensively edited version of them was published in 2005 as Infinite Intelligence, on top of a very simple and straightforward version by me in 2010.

It is my conclusion, then, that the Intelligence Notebooks, two neatly scribed composition books totaling 255 pages found in a storage room in Meherabad immediately after Baba's death, are none other than a faithful fair copy of Baba's missing book.

There are several reasons to think this. Baba began his spiritual mission in 1922 in Bombay in his Manzil-e-Meem ashram, only later moving to Meherabad where he set up permanent camp in late 1923. On July 10, 1925 Baba began his silence. In 1925 at Meherabad Baba began to privately write a book in "the table room" he had built especially for that purpose. Baba was not seen at any time during this period working on any other book of this size. Baba only wrote in the box for a few hours each evening from 1925-1926. After this he gave up writing entirely.

Anyone who who has examined the handwritten notebooks carefully has concurred that they have to have been by Meher Baba. The odd style of using parentheses in the middle of sentences, the constant switching between Gujarati, Urdu, and English in mid-paragraph, and the use of squiggles and odd designs on pages (expressed neatly and obediently in the fair copy) are all peculiar to Meher Baba's flamboyant personal style of writing. Also, the emphasis of the sanskara, an idea barely understood prior to Meher Baba (even within schools of Advaita Vedanta) is prevalent. There is no evidence that anyone, in the East or West, knew of any of this prior to Meher Baba's elucidations later in God Speaks. In other words, no one else could have written it.

Also, there is a lengthy passage in the fair copy that was found in duplicate in Baba's own handwriting, also after Baba's death, as if some portion of the material used was misplaced from the original document that was being copied in 1926. This other material was published as "In God's Hand" and is known to be in Baba's handwriting. So at least one portion of the fair copy has been proven to be directly from Baba's handwriting. The style does not change in the book before or after this material.

It is known from the notebook style and other clues that the books had to have been written in the late 1920s. Thus the only alternative to the notebooks being the missing book is that, in the same short period of time, while Baba was administrating his Prem Ashram school, writing "the book" in his box built especially for the purpose, Baba was simultaneously writing a second book of the same length. Thus Baba wrote in 1925 and 1926 not one but two 250 page handwritten books, one in the box made for the occasion, and another when no one was looking and in clear sight - and had the second one copied without anyone knowing it. This notion is absolutely absurd to me, simply too complicated to imagine. Remember Ocham's law. Therefore I believe the Intelligence notebooks are in fact the missing book.

Why did Baba not make all this more clear? Why did he not have his name put on the notebooks or sign them or have them dated or make any mention of them? Why did he not even have the copier add a title to the notebooks?

To me, at least, the answer is quite clear. Baba allowed, at least for the time being, and perhaps eternally, for there to be plausible deniability over the authorship of the book. Why? Because mystery is part of mysticism, part of the language of the mystic. And the Intelligence Book is written exclusively for the mystic. The orthodox mentality can only accept what is approved of by others, what is for sure and accepted. What the orthodox mind accepts as proven is merely that which is accepted by his group of peers, his establishment. He denies God within himself, within his heart. But the missing book is a book that can only be corroborated as being from Baba by the heart. This is the book of the heart. It can never be proven by any external means. Or it would be a book of orthodoxy. And that book Baba wrote also, 30 years after his missing book. And that is God Speaks. And most cannot even read it. And that's why in a sense all this is moot, except for the most die-hard mystical imagination.

Summarizing my arguments
It makes very little sense to me that in the same period of 1925 to 1926 Meher Baba would write not one, but two, 250 page handwritten books, both of which he kept under wraps and never released, and both of which were lost afterward for the remainder of his life. Even if this far-fetched scenario were true, it follows that the Intelligence Notebooks were a
book written by Baba at the same time as another, the same length, and that it too was lost. It would be an indisputable fact then that this second lost book is just a little bit more enigmatic and mysterious than the celebrated lost book, for it is the only one he managed to write without anyone knowing about, or at least talking about. Thus in either case this book presented here is Meher Baba's mysterious lost book. If nothing else it is the better kept secret sibling of the first, so in a sense more lost than the lost book. So the whole argument over whether it is Baba's missing book is moot. It simply is, by definition of terms, the secret lost book of Meher Baba.

My more recent thoughts on this subject.

The really, really dumb guy interpretation of what the intelligent notebooks are is as follows. The notion is promoted that Chanji took dictation from a slate board during lectures at the boy's school. He then 'worked up' his notes as the intelligence notebooks.

This is impossible on several grounds, which I'll list.

The notebooks are not in Chanji's handwriting, and there is no reason that an expensive and time consuming fair copy would be made of Chanji's notes. That is a luxury that would not have been afforded them in 1925, 26.

What would pieces identified as being by Baba be doing in Chanji's notes?

Why would a fair copyist have changed Baba's own words without Baba's permission?

The writing style has parentheses within parentheses within parenthases. This is how a person thinks, but is not how a person 'works up' what another person has said.

The sentences are very long, often a paragraph long, and not in Chanji's style of writing which was simplistic. The slate Baba used was small, with chalk, and would only have been a few words before Baba erased it. Such sentences would be impractical to give on a slate.

If these are lectures, why are they so dense you have to read them very slow and over and over to understand? There is no indication Baba would give lectures beyond human capacity to understand, and that Chanji understood it so well that he worked it up into this complex form? That makes zero sense.

If this is Chanji's work, why did Chanji change to Hindi suddenly?

Also there are places where the language changes mid-sentence, a famous feature of Baba's dictation. Why would Chanji be writing this way?

If a person does not see that this is a book, with a theme and beginning, middle, and end, then they have no understood the book. This is not a set of disconnected lectures. It is a continuous thread of thought, starting same place Baba begins in God Speaks and ending same place. Starting with all parts of the whole and whole in the parts, ending with the need for the perfect master.

This is precisely what we ought to have expected from Baba's hidden book.

I think it is fitting and good that most not believe what I'm saying. For this makes it a book for the elect, a truly esoteric book. Those who are not ready for it will continue to wait, and their minds be protected. 

Meher Baba, the equal opportunity religion insulter

Meher Baba had mixed things to say about religion, some positive, some negative, some neutral.

But when it came to saying something that is 100% unacceptable to a faith, Baba was perfectly equitable.

Hindism: Baba said 'many gods are madness.' (The Everything and the Nothing, p. 91) Many gods is the foundational principle of Hinduism. Take away many gods and it's not Hinduism, it's something else.

Buddhism: Baba said that nirvana is a stage before God realization. This defies the central tenet of Buddhism, that nirvana is the goal and there is nothing higher than this obliteration of self. Buddhism with God-realization is not Buddhism. It would be Hinduism.

Christianity: Baba said Jesus did not die on the cross, but survived. Death and resurrention is the central tenet of Christianity. Remove that and it's something else, and not Christianity.

Islam: Baba said that Mohammad was God. Mohammad's humanness, and non-divinity is the first principle of Islam. Islam where Mohammad is God is not Islam.

Judaism: Baba never named Judaism as a religion, and did not include it when naming the great religions. He mentioned 'Jews' as a cultural set, but not 'Judaism.' However, Baba taught that Jesus was indeed the messiah. A Jew who believes that Jesus was the messiah is not a Jew, but a Christian.

Zoroastrianism: Baba said that the prayers Zoroastrian priests perform for money are powerless, and people should not pay. Such priestly rituals are the main focus of Zoroastrianism. A person who did not pay a priest for rituals would not be a Zoroastrian. (Lord Meher, 1986 print ed., p. 902)

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The terrible truth about who translated Lord Meher

Here is the terrible truth about the ongoing copyright dispute over Lord Meher, and why lies continue about who translated it. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the recent incorrect 'corrections.'

See my earlier history of Lord Meher, How Lord Meher Came About, also duplicated with full footnotes at Meherlegacy here. One may also be interested in this post on the many versions of the book.

History will bear my account out in the end, and I'll explain why. First some backstory.

When Bhau Kalrhuchi was writing what later became 'worked up' into Lord Meher, he was not planning to copyright it. It was never intended as a book. It was preparatory chronology from his notes, carefully gathered over a two year period following Baba's passing in preparation for a Hindi book requested by Baba, Meher Darshan.

Only later was it suggested by Feram Workingboxwalla, a resident mandali living at the Trust Compound, that he translate the work for Bhau -- with Bhau's oversight.

This project, which took several years, mushroomed and thoughts of publication became more and more interesting to those watching it happen, especially the Kalchuri family. Dollar signs were growing in their eyes.

Now what Feram originally translated was not the final work we see now. It was Bhau's original nineteen handwritten notebooks written in Hindi as preparation for Meher Darshan.

At some point Bhau had the thought to copyright the growing work, so that he could leave this legacy, and any royalties, to his two children. That is a fair an honest thing to do. He did, after all, write it (at least what they began with).

What no one seemed to realize at the time, however, is copyright law regarding translated works. A translator shares heavily in the copyright. This was only realized after the books were already going into print in America. By this time Feram Workingboxwalla had already died, and there was no way for him to transfer any copyright claim to Bhau. Hence, as Feram had no children, all copyright share would and did go automatically to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust.

This created a kind of crisis. Bhau attempted to solve it by amending his story about the way the book was translated, claiming sole credit. The motive was for his children, which is admirable. However, Bhau had already made it emphatically clear on numerous occasions that Feram had translated the portions written by him originally. That is thoroughly documented. So a revisionist story came about after the facts that Bhau was the sole or main translator.

So at the heart of all this controversy is copyright, and future royalties. The estate of Bhau Kalchuri continues to claim the later account.

Later material was added in English by David Fenster and does not fall into the copyright issue. What is at issue is the portions by Bhau (in Hindi) translated by Feram.

Now I have indisputable proof of this fact about the translation of the original material by Feram. That is the part that I have kept to myself. I have an email from a source that is so respected and renowned that no person would ever dare dispute their integrity, who was an eye witness, with no dog in the fight. This email that I have is in a public server and the authenticity of its original sender can be scientifically verified beyond any doubt. The problem is that the sender asked me not to mention their name in the paper I was writing. My own ethics tell me that this agreement will be kept so long as the sender is alive.

However, I am liable to outlive the sender. If so I will at that time fully disclose who it was, and provide the email. At that point any reasonable doubt will collapse about who translated Lord Meher.  All copyright claims beyond those of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust will be seen as based on a false narrative, even if the motives behind that revisionist narrative could be viewed as understandable.

I feel that the Trust's rightful ownership, and the correcting of facts with potentially long term ramifications (legally and for posterity, and just for the sake of truth) override any other considerations.

As said, what is at stake is copyright. Does the copyright of Lord Meher rightfully belong to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust or to the Kalchuri estate? Bhau wrote only a fraction of what eventually came together as the final book. The added material, added by David Fenster later, but before it went to press, has nothing to do with the copyright dispute, which centers on translation of the original material. The book was built upon the parts that are in dispute, and the authorship of book, even with help and input, in my mind remains with the one who crafted the original manuscript that was developed. Hence Bhau's title as author is not in question in my opinion. What is in question is only whether the copyright belongs to the Kalchuris. The Kalchuri's claim to copyright is based entirely on what was written by Bhau, and not what was added.

This is why David is now claiming to co-authorship, again in service of the family copyright claim. See David's new introduction, especially about his authorship.

What is at stake is snatching the copyright form the Trust. David is Bhau's son-in-law.

Now what about the original nineteen notebooks Bhau wrote in Hindi in his own handwriting? That definitely belongs to Bhau's two children, along with exclusive copyright to same. What is interesting is that the Kalchuris never mention this manuscript and keep it under lock and key. Apparently they do not want anyone to make a comparison, further complicating their copyright claim.

So this is all a big scam, for selfish reasons. Churches are full of such scams.

The translated parts belongs to no one but the Trust.

Let me explain why. There are two parts to the copyright. One is the portion of the copyright that belonged to Feram, that he was not aware of. As he never left that portion to anyone, it clearly belongs to the Trust. The other portion is the book at large, as it finally came to be. The copyright for it Bhau sold to the publisher Lawrence Reiter, who in turn sold it to the Trust before he died. Hence there is really no part of the English language book that belongs to anyone else but the Trust.

The entire dispute hinges on a redaction of who translated the original material. And that part is a bogus claim, as I will in time reveal.

But here is the final spin on this. There is too much mystique built up around the English version of Lord Meher. It is frankly a seriously flawed book. Too many hands worked on it, and no record was made of who did what and their sources. As for scholarship, the uncited, constantly morphing book (in a dozen different conflicting versions) is useless. David Fenster is crazy to go on editing the online version, which he updates still on a monthly basis, and is now unrecognizable. He sources nothing, and some recent changes have been proven to be total fabrications. With no sources, the book is being made more and more objectionable and suspect. He is cheapening any legacy the book might have once had.

A real history, that is authoritative and scholarly, will need to be begun from scratch, from original source material. The new hind-sight revelations must end. Or we end up with a hadith.

What the Kalchuris do not realize is that they are sitting on a goldmine, in the form of the original handwritten Hindi manuscript. Explaining why this is will take some words.

Bhau spent two and a half years, starting six months after Baba dropped his body, gathering accounts from witnesses, all in India. These were mostly mandali themselves. These were gathered in little notes in a pile. What the nineteen notebooks are is his putting all these direct personal accounts together in a chronology. Now those witnesses are all dead. What Bhau was doing was real journalism. In those notebooks is Bhau's original recounting of those now lost stories. Hence Bhau's notebooks amount to a genuine second-hand journalistic compilation of what had taken place. They are not hearsay. They are the accounts of the actual witnesses he interviewed. Hence it could be considered primary source material of mountains of information as it was originally told to him. I repeat that these people he interviewed are all dead. Now we only have hearsay. And what parts of Bhau's journalistic effort made it into the final Lord Meher we now have no way to know -- except by retnring to that original source. To make matters even better, that they are handwritten makes the fact that Bhau scribed them unimpeachable. That is extremely close to a perfect source, as close as we will ever get on those stories. Right now we have no way to know what is there.

If the Kalchuris are wise, and leave those notebooks to their descendants to be one-day re-translated (much more professionally) a truly valuable source will be recovered.

I suppose the temptation of making money off the backs of soooo many volunteers that worked to bring Lord Meher to life, by claiming copyright of it, is for now irresistible. This is furthered by the highly exaggerated mystique and importance that Lord Meher has assumed in imagination.

I have a few paintings left to me by my father. Those original paintings, where every stroke was his own, left to me, are of much greater value than any copy or derivative work by others. I hope the Kalchuri family will see what a treasure they actually have, and can see clear to leave the Trust's ownership in peace. The Trust has some of the greatest paintings my father ever did, in the Pilgrim Center in Meherabad. I don't belly ache over them. I am so pleased that they see fit to uphold his legacy and Baba's through their open and free exhibit.

In the end, the original publication of Lord Meher will be the one that lives on as anything worth looking at. A constantly morphing one with no more accounting of sources is a kind of confused degradation of it. The new online version of the book has severely denigrated the authority of the book. It was what it was.

Real Baba historians of the future won't be combing a dozen versions of Lord Meher, for they have no way to know what comes from what. Lord Meher is a dead end, getting deader with each passing revision, growing more suspect with every unexplained change, even if it is 'true.' For without sources no one has any way to go and check. It loses credibility with every "correction." They will say, "I wonder what the reasoning was to change such and such?" No one has any way to know. With each change the book becomes more worthless. Let it go. Lord Meher itself now belongs to history. And from here out, the real history of Meher Baba belongs to the historians, not to the scribes still scribbling their mysterious "original research" half a century after Baba's passing.

If David wanted to improve the authority of Lord Meher (I'm not sure why one would care to do that) he would insert citations to primary sources, or at least sources. The lack of method is baffling. It amounts to mere 'changes' based solely on the authority of David, who never met Baba. David shows all the signs of a man gone completely bonkers with his own self-importance. Hiding in his mansion, scribbling away in secret forever on a book copyrighted 30 years ago, long after its author is dead, he is a veritable Howard Hughes, with all the concomitant paranoia and self-delusion. The following is from his new forward to his online fiasco.
What a blessing and what fortune to be involved with a project that has Meher Baba's divine sanction! Baba's guiding hand was felt, both by the author and by myself, from the book's inception.  (from Fenster's latest forward to his ongoing online Lord Meher)
He appears to believe his every word is "guided" by an invisible hand. Quite a claim. The craziness of the section above by David Fenster is his reference to feeling this hand from the book's 'inception.' That inception happened in July 1969. David first went to India in July 1975. Who can argue with a guy who thinks his hands are guided, and can do no wrong?

At best we can say that the book has driven David 'God-mad,' a term by Baba for a person who, having undertaken a severe spiritual exercise, outstrips the endurance of his mind. (See Wayfarers, p. 24)
The mind of an ordinary madman has failed to adapt itself to the problems of the material world, and has fled permanently into the realm of make-believe to escape an intolerable material situation. But a God-mad man, although he has lost the balance of his mind, and the insight into his abnormal state, has not come to this condition by failing to solve his worldly troubles, but has lost his sanity through continually thinking about God. Although he is mad he is impelled by high desires, and in spite of earning no tangible profit from the majority of his delusions, he nevertheless enjoys his state of God-madness. (Wayfarers, p. 24)

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Places after death

The sages, and some well-meaning non-sages, give us images to yearn for or avoid, or, presumably, to stand as a workable surrogate for understanding that most people are not prepared for. Then there are the atheists who have no idea what they are doing or why.

The gates of Valhalla (Norse mythology), first attested to in the Poetic Edda of unknown date
  • Pure Lands (Pure Land Buddhism)
  • Undying Lands (Lord of the Rings)
  • Happy Hunting Grounds (Great Plains tribes of American Indians, including the Oglala Lakota)
  • Heaven with pearly gates, clouds, and angels playing harps (19th century American and English protestant sermons, usually by poorly educated self-ordained folk-evangelists)
  • Shambhala (Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions)
  • Avalon (Arthurian legend)
  • Valhalla (Norse)
  • Fólkvangr (Norse)
  • El Dorado (Disney® Corporation)
  • Fountain of Youth (If you get there, avoid death altogether)
  • Unlimited Ocean (Meher Baba)
  • 72 Virgins (9th century non-Koranic Islamic invention)
  • Being made an immortal star (Greek, for some lucky ones)
  • Fields of Aaru (fields of reeds in Egyptian mythology)
  • World of Forms (Plato)
  • Elysium (Virgil)
  • Olam Haba (HaOlam HaBa, or "the world to come," is an important part of Jewish eschatology)
  • Divine Palace (Poetic invention of Bhau Kalchuri, first attested to in "Awakening" - I Am That Beauty in Every Particle, 2001)
Dreary places
  • Olam Haba (where people go as shades in the Talmud)
  • Hades (dreary Greek underworld, similar to Olam Haba)
  • Purgatory (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican Christianity)
  • Hell (Numerous faiths by different names)
  • Hel as well as Niflhel (Norse)
  • Jahannam (Islam)
  • You cease to exist (Atheism, some modern Jews, Greek Stoics)
  • Lower astral (Where Meher Baba said ghosts go to haunt the living, includes animal spirits, somehow linked to the physical world, similar to Hades where shades go)
This is only a partial list of course. See also my older post Shangri-La.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why the new laser weapons will not work

The US Navy just deployed its first shipboard laser weapon to the Persian Gulf. Here are 14 reasons why it won't be good for much in real war.

LaWS, Laser Weapons System
1. Everything vibrates, even if the vibration is minimal and can be dampened. Because laser weapons shoot photons in a perfectly straight line, due to geometry the tiniest motion of the gun will cause giant motions at long distances. Point a strong flashlight at a distant object. The smallest move of the light source causes a giant move at the object. This increases the farther you go. All demonstrations currently being done for promotional purposes are fired at close drones within visible range. But drones can fly over 60,000 feet in altitude (11+ miles).

2. Such drones they are using to promote with demonstrations move at very regular slow speeds. This is part of the nature of an unmanned drone. It flies slow and steady. The drones fired upon have no evasive maneuverability. So they are shooting at sitting ducks. Hardly a test of real world situations, but great for public relations pictures.

Drone fuel ignited by laser
3. The reason that the test drones burst into flame is they are filled with fuel. Solar-electric drones, which carry no flammable liquids, have achieved flight times of several weeks.

4. A stream of photons must be pointed entirely from the location of the gun. There is no way to give the photons any 'smart' capability or autonomous control. It all must be done at the point of the gun by the shooter at the time of firing. The photons themselves are 'blind.' This means that optical sighting (augmented by infrared) is necessary. Once the photons leave the gun, they are going to strike the optical target. But in modern war, most targets are not in optical range. And radar is not exact enough to determine point of aim alone. Hence, for targets outside of optical range, it is like pointing a very long spear into the dark.

5. A laser fires in a straight line, irrespective of the curvature of the earth. This means that only targets in the line of sight can be fired at. Only a few miles from a ship the earth curves below the line of sight.

Here are the specs on that. At a particular height (left) the horizon is at a particular distance (right).

Height (meters)Distance (km)Height(feet)Distance (miles)

So unless you are planning to shoot visual targets within a few miles, a laser is not going to work.

6. As sophisticated as 'laser' sounds, a laser gun is still an inertial weapon that follows the laws of physics. It is a 'dumb' weapon in that sense, not a 'smart' weapon that can change course and make decisions after firing.

7. Lasers can be reflected with mirror-like surfaces. These could be added to drones.

8. The above issues are compounded when you fire from a moving platform like a jet. That is why we see them first displayed on ships.

9. Firing at a high speed missile that arrives before radar can detect it, such as low-flying hypersonic (Mach 5 and above) anti-ship missiles, would require citing and aiming at the target in too short a time. Multiple warheads would also pose an increased problem, especially in modern warfare where many incoming missiles are decoys.

10. The best that these lasers can likely shoot down is visible (at least by infrared) slow-moving fuel-filled drones that catch on fire. Yet in January 2016 Iran demonstrated it could take precise pictures of a U.S. aircraft carrier from a high flying drone without being detected at all. U.S. ships can't always detect drones, let alone shoot them down.

11. The apparent advantage of a laser gun is misleading. While it is true that photons travel to their target at the speed of light, and that this means if the gun is aimed properly there is no way that a target could move out of the way of the incoming photons in time, this assumes you can first lock slights onto a target. Missiles today come at twirling and chaotic trajectories that can't be predicted. Making matters worse, the laser must remain steady on the target for some time to ignite it. Staying locked onto such an evasive twirling target would not be feasible. That is why they are talking about hitting stationary or very smooth-flying targets like tanks and drones. Thus it is extremely limited what this gun could be used for.

12. While a laser beam is silent and invisible, the heat it generates is detectable. It will not be long before the skin of planes, tanks, and drones, are outfitted with heat sensitivity to detect lasers being fired at them. A laser must remain constant on one spot for a few second to build up heat. Once the target detects it is being heated and moves, it defeats the laser's entire method. Effectively the target must stay still, at least in relation with the motion of the gun, to be sufficiently burned. It takes some seconds for the object to burn or ignite.  

13. For all the reasons stated above, the laser gun is a close-quarters weapon. The problem with this is that modern war is not so close quarters. Planes can fire missiles from far over the line of sight in today's military situations.
Hold very, very still. I'm going to burn you with my $40 million dollar gun. Don't move. Hold it! Almost there. Gotcha!!!! 
Sounds more like 19th century photography than modern warfare. Doesn't it?

What we are seeing is more of a publicity stunt than anything else. The U.S. is capitalizing on a public raised on a diet of science fiction movies, and conspiracy theories about death rays. The fact is that within a very short time all militarized armies will have these silly rayguns.

Meet 'Silent Hunter' - China's New 'Armored Vehicle Slicing' Laser Gun

Russia's New MiG-35 Fighter Jet Could Sport Laser Guns 

There are applications in war that lasers would in fact be able to perform better than any weapon previously. One is blinding satellites. Russia is already quite advanced in this technology on a testing level. Satellites are, by nature, sitting ducks (as their trajectories are constant), and cannot quickly evade something as instant as light from the earth or another satellite hitting its arrays.

Also, destroying stationary objects such as ammunition depots or sensitive mechanical equipment on the battlefield might be an application for lasers.

14. However, and here is the final reason lasers don't mean much on a battlefield, laser guns are themselves huge hulking sitting duck targets in plane site. Because the trajectory of a laser is a perfectly straight line, if the gun can see you, you can see the gun. This makes the gun visible to its targets. Also, due to its optical nature, a laser can do nothing about a threat that is not optical, such as electronic information jamming, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons, or low-flying hypersonic missiles with multiple (mostly decoy) warheads. And all this is merely 'conventional war' we are talking about.

A laser gun is effectively a $40 million dollar gun that shoots extremely hot, extremely fast bullets. They must be aimed and held on the target. They are not 'smart' weapons. They are vulnerable to EMP and EW weapons. They are certainly vulnerable to anti-ship missiles. This is demonstrable. If you read the articles I listed above, note that no one has even mentioned this as part of a defensive shield against missiles, SAM or surface-to-air-missile-defense-system. Yet that is precisely what they were originally fantasized to be. These lasers are the final fossil of Reagan's STAR WARS system, that scared the Soviet Union so bad. This was meant to be the central weapon of our nuclear defense shield. But note that China is talking of it being used on lumbering tanks, and the US on slow-moving low-flying drones, and Russia about using it to blind satellites. NO ONE is mentioning using this against a Russian Zicron missile. The Zicron can travel 250 miles, is a smart weapon that can adjust itself to a moving target, and travels 5 times the speed of sound. That means it can go from Washington to New York City in 3 minutes.

So in reality the release of these relics of the defunct STAR WARS pipe-dream of the 1980s, after 30 years, only to be able to shoot slow-moving or non-moving targets, is a sign of U.S. technological failure, and its ambitions being far outside the parameters of real physics. And the fact that the Russians and Chinese are so close behind with the same thing is more proof of the same.

Hype, hype, hype, no delivery. The end of the world, if there is to be one, will go boom boom, not pew pew pew. The entry of the shipboard laser weapon system shooting at slow drones is an embarrassing story of U.S. policy failure and military industrial corrupt capitalism.

Cover of Amazing Stories, January 1934
What does all this have to do with Meher Baba or philosophy? Nothing. But you have to admit it's entertaining reading. (:

Churches in Antarctica

King George Island, Antarctica. This photo says everything to me. Click to enlarge.

In the past I have mentioned music, books, and movies that resonate to me. This is the photo that does most, and portrays how my interior would look if it were made visible.

The town is called Villa Las Estrellas. The church was built in 2005. There are seven churches on Antarctica, including a Catholic church, and Orthodox church, and a church made entirely of snow.

Below is the Orthodox one, Holy Trinity Church. Holy Trinity is the world’s southernmost Eastern Orthodox Church. An Orthodox priest conducts services there year round. Beneath it is a photo of its interior.
Holy Trinity church stands illuminated at Russia’s Bellinghausen station on King George Island in Antarctica.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Why we'll never go to Mars

Here is why I believe we will never go to Mars, meaning there will never be a manned Mars mission.

1. The space in a space capsule is incredibly small. Even the living compartment of the space station is amazingly cramped. People have seen too many sci-fi movies and don't realize this. Something as large as the space station would not be practical to heave to Mars, and even it would not be enough.

2. We have never sent any ship to any planet and brought it back safely to Earth. Our moon is not technically a planet and is in our own earth orbit. We have not even returned a probe from any planet. There are many reasons why this is. It is too difficult and the round trip would double the fuel requirements.

3. There is no liquid water on the surface of Mars. The only water is beneath the surface, far underground, and is frozen. So let us say it takes a year to get there, a group of five stay for three years, and another year returning. All of the water necessary for that group would need to be towed.

4. People get sick. They get violently sick; it is part of life. The amount of equipment, personnel, and electricity (requiring fuel) that a hospital requires to diagnose and treat people would be impractical to haul to Mars. Even well equipped multi-million dollar hospitals in the U.S. often have to send patients to other hospitals that have equipment, treatments, or expertise they lack. People pass diseases. If a person died on this five year journey, the contamination from decomposition would be a threat.

5. People are prone to mental disorders in close quarters with others, under great stress, and with nowhere to get out and see nature. The isolation and cramped quarters would lead to mental illness. Prolonged periods in space have been conducted by solo astronauts and cosmonauts, not groups. The close quarters would increase stress.

6. When people return from a year in zero gravity, as such people would getting there, they lose eyesight and limb coordination. Their muscles atrophy. This requires a long period of physical therapy. But these people would need to be in top form on arrival. That is simply impossible.

7. There is no air on Mars we can breath, and high radiation. There is also nothing to see.

8. The nearest time scale Mars anticipates a trip is the 2030s, and it will likely be much later. I predict that by then the interests of the world will begin to become more internal. People will grow more introspective, and the desire will fade to go where there is nothing at all.
BABA: There is existing at the moment a universal dissatisfaction and an indescribable longing for something that will end this terrible chaos and misery that is startling the world just now. I am going to satisfy this craving and lead the world to real happiness and peace by making mankind more introspective, and see more to the inside of things, than what they have hitherto been accustomed to.
Sorry if this was a big buzz-kill. I'm sure that those who want to go to Mars will not believe a word of this, and will go on dreaming. Baba had something to say to them too.
When mind soars in pursuit of the things conceived in space, it pursues emptiness. — Meher Baba

The above article explains why recent discoveries show we will not be able to grow anything on Mars as previously thought.

Don't believe me about the small size of space capsules? Above is the current craft being tested by NASA for travel to Mars, called Orion.

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is an American spacecraft intended to carry a crew of four astronauts to destinations at or beyond low Earth orbit. Currently under development by NASA for launch on the Space Launch System, Orion is intended to facilitate human exploration of asteroids and of Mars. (Wikipedia)

What does the name Meher Baba really mean?

It is a common meme that his early disciples gave Baba the name 'Meher Baba,' and that it means 'compassionate father.' Is this true?

In a round-about way it could be conceived to mean that, but that does not establish why they chose this name for him as a master.

From what I can gather, the name Meher is an alternative spelling of Mehr, a name which in turn derives from the Iranian word "Mihir", which is ultimately from the sanskrit "Mithira." English spellings tell us nothing, as there was no formalized spelling for Indian or Iranian names in 1922 when Baba's disciples began to call Merwan (or Merog as his family called him) Meher Baba.

Baba is simply an honorific used for Sufi masters in that period, e.g. Tajudin Baba, Sai Baba, Babajan. While the word Baba can also mean father or grandmother in some languages, this has no direct bearing on its use as an honorific.

To say that the name Meher Baba was given in such a way that "meher" was used as an adjective and "baba" as a word for a paternal member of a family is absurd.

Meher has no precise single meaning, just as names generally do not. My name could in such a way be translated as 'Christ bearer zero.' This is not how people are named, i.e. with meanings in mind.

In short Meher was a variation of spelling of Baba's actual name Mehrwan/Meherwan/Merwan (all spellings are just as good for a person born in a family that spoke Dari at home, and Gujarati in the surrounding community.

If I were telling someone about Meher Baba and his name came up (not sure why it would) I would simply say that Meher was a variation of the spelling of his name and Baba a common honorific title in the East.

Meher Baba's name does not mean compassionate father. It is an honorific name, pure and simple. Names mean their referent, in this case the person named Meher Baba.

An earlier stab at this point is in this post.

BTW, we no longer use honorifics generally in the West. In the past, various members of nobilioty had honorific titles such as King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Marquess, Earl, Countess, Baron, etc. Sir is still sometimes used to denote someone who is knighted, though even this use is declining.

The term 'father' as used in the West for a Catholic or Anglican priest is not an honorific in the same sense that 'Baba' is used for people considered enlightened in the East. 'Father' literally refers to the priest's state of representing God on earth, who is literally the Father in the Christian trinity. Baba in the East bears no such literal allusion to a father in the paternal family sense. In fact to call an elderly person (even a woman) Baba in the East is like saying sir or madam, a show of being especially polite -- and has no biological allusion.

Perhaps the closest analogous use in the West to an honorific like Baba is our word 'doctor' or the extension 'Ph.D. or M.D.' We really do say 'Dr. Rosenthal will be the keynote speaker at tonight's banquet.' This alerts others to the higher status of this person within our society. It would be considered rude or even strange to say, 'Joe will be the keynote speaker at tonight's banquet.' And it is even rude to refer to such a person as 'Mr. Rosenthal.' Clearly our word 'doctor' is an honorific. And such titles are still given to people for merit, as honorary titles. So we say 'Doctor Bill Cosby will be present with us at the conference.' The Comedian Bill Cosby has received 57 honorary degrees since 1985. Here is the list.

The final question that interests me, as an academic, is what to call Baba when referring to him in an analytical paper. The term Baba seems odd. If we were writing about Dr. Joseph Rosenthal, we would not refer to 'Doctor' throughout the paper. It does not pick out which one? There are many with the honorific Baba, and it just sounds too devotional and a bit unsettling. It also would seem demeaning to refer to him as Merwan, though that is how he spelled his own name until he gave up signing.

Meher Baba signed his own name 'Merwan' as he learned in school
It also seems odd, for some reason, to refer to him as Meher, though some academics have, much as they refer to Gautama Buddha as Gautama. Other academics have chosen to use his full name for clarity throughout. Here is an example of such a paper. I have always taken the tack of José Sanjinés myself, and will continue to I believe.

Meher Baba's name is kind of a mystery. It is a unique case, I think. And as such it might deserve unique handling in serious literature. I will continue to refer to him mostly as Meher Baba myself. No other form seems to fit him.

One more aside. The notion that the meaning of a proper name of a person or thing is the person or thing that it names is not off the top of my head. It is based on formalized logical syntax as defined in Principia Mathematica, written over a three year period by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell and published in three volumes in 1910, 1912, and 1913. In logic the 'meaning' of a proper name is its referent.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Call me a stick in the mud

It's not so bad a thing to be.

Sir Kenneth Clark (1903 – 1983) knighted in 1938.

This was Clark's farewell address at the close of his BBC television series on western civilization, filmed in 1969, the year Meher Baba dropped his body.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Who's in charge?

From Baba's point of view, the spiritual hierarchy is in charge.

However, from a worldly point of view the people who have been in charge of the NWO, the anti-God thrust that comes up from the post-Enlightenment turn from God to unipolar hegemonic statehood, were people that were in power in 1968 when Baba was doing his deepest work.

But these people are dying.

Maurice Strong (brain behind Agenda 21) died in Canada two years ago at the age of 86. Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, and Roger Ailes all died this year. Henry Kissinger (head of steering committee of the Bilderberg Group) is 94. George Soros will be 87 in one month.

They are not being replaced in the same way.

The EU is a mess, its president Jean-Claude Juncker, a drunk. All that is running the anti-God world state is ideology, which has nothing intellectually solvent behind it. It is empty soundbites. And it is not democratic enough even to elect replacements for these old oligarchs.

Drunk NATO foreign misters singing "We are the World" May 2015
See video of drunk NATO ministers singing "We are the World" as countries are ablaze with war here.

Below, European Union president Jean-Claude Juncker is drunk and bitch-slaps leaders. Everyone is too afraid to say anything or break with protocol. A total collapse of even a show of refinement, as the true colors of a godless world begin to peak from behind the seams. They are psychically coming unglued.

There is no leadership in the West anymore. Those who continue to focus on who is 'boss' are fools and do not know what is going on. We are way beyond that. We're in God's hands now.

Stop your silly conditioned partisanship, and begin to learn what is going on in the world. Stop looking through partisan lenses and begin to see the big picture through spiritual lenses.

Americans Are Living Under "Intellectual Martial Law"

Stay with God.

Some more powerful people growing old.
  1. John McCain (80) has been a US senator for 30 years.
  2. Diane Feinstein (84) is the oldest currently serving United States Senator, with no talk of retirement.
  3. Current U.S. president Donald Trump (71) was the oldest person to be elected president in U.S. history. 
  4. If Bernie Sanders (75) runs again in 2020 he will exceed Trump's record by far at 79 at time of election. 
  5. Noam Chomsky, ever paraded in front of cameras to explain the latest 1950s reasoning, is 88.
  6. In 3 years, 90% of American Baba followers will be over 70.

They're Baaaaack

"They're baaaack"
Read this article of mine titled Year of the Monkey. 

After July 31, 1968 these occurrences slowed way down. See this post for the backstory that lead up to those events told long-term in historical perspective.

Well, believe it or not, the anti-God element is back, and they're pissed. 2017 is again the Year of the Monkey.

The Great 2016-2017 Conflagration
Scientists will soon discover a little of what I say. There are 18,000 worlds that are inhabited by human beings. In some, the people are extremely intelligent, in others less so, and in still others still less. None of them who live in these worlds have any experience of the subtle or the mental worlds. Human beings from those planets must be born on this earth to experience the subtle and mental worlds.

This is an Avataric age, and it is a special Avataric advent because I am observing silence. Science and anti-God elements will reach their zenith in the nine months before I break my silence. Accordingly, my manifestation will also be the greatest. Breaking my silence will be as forceful as hundreds of thousands of atom bombs exploding! When I break my silence, the world will be shaken into the realization of who I am. The impact will jolt the world out of its spiritual lethargy, and will push open the hearts of all who love me and are connected with me. What will happen when I break my silence is what has never happened before.

Science is practically heading toward its zenith today because of the very intelligent souls from other planets coming here. Our population is increasing by leaps and bounds for the same reason that souls are migrating from other worlds as they want a human body on the earth in this Avataric age. All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never-ending tide and ebb. Even this earth expends itself in time, and another such earth will take its place.
(Meher Baba, Guruprasad 1963)

What do I think? I think Baba broke his silence in 1968 following the six period of 'exclusion' work and just days before his death in the presence of his disciples Eruch Jessawala and Francis Brabazon. I think what we are seeing today is the desperate and seriously confused and disoriented last 'hurrah' of the anti-God element(s).

I think people are waking up to it, some faster than others, and that the days of the great lie are in their last daze/days.

Alduin exploding at the end of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Sauron exploding at the end of Lord of the Rings
How could it be that these deep dark cabals are being destroyed? Because their exposure is their destruction. Light of day is the death of dark empty lies. And that is all they are. Their only power lies in people's belief in their deceptions.

The great truths that Baba came to disseminate cannot even be considered by humanity until it wakes up to these lies. So this first awakening is no small thing.

There is one more level of what is happening that is too complex to go into, and this has to do with the emptiness behind the New World Order ideology. When this emptiness is fully exposed, and it is being exposed, the intellectual college age population — the most intelligent and clear headed of them — are going to be shocked to their core. This shock is something that is going to have more far-reading and intense ramifications than most non-intellectuals can now imagine or guess at. I am speaking now of that younger generation.

More clever than Baba

In 1963 U.S. president John F. Kennedy was killed by a mentally disturbed person, Lee Harry Oswald. Though Oswald was himself murdered before there was a trial, from an objective scientific perspective, his guilt as the lone assassin of the U.S. president is a closed case.

When Kennedy was shot word went quickly round the world on radio and newspapers, including India.

One thing to know is that from the very moment of his assassination, people wondered if Oswald was part of a larger conspiracy. In fact, within days, a poll was conducted in Europe that found that a full 80% of people polled said they thought it was a conspiracy.

Hence when news reached Baba and his mandali in India, such ruminations were already included in newspaper reports and op eds. Hence it was natural that Mehera Irani, Baba's consort, who had liked the way Kennedy looked, asked Baba if there was anything to these speculations.

Baba answered that there was not, and that Oswald acted along, and spoke very poorly of Oswald.

However, when this came out in Mehera's biography in 2003, Baba's American followers, grown up in a world steeped in defiant antiestablishment 60s lore could not believe it.

Hence, they concocted the following account. Baba just said that to Mehera so she would be happy, or feel safe, or not get hysterical.

This theory, to save another theory, assumes several things.

1. That Meher showed any inclincation of a preference for an answer.
2. That Mehera was prone to hysteria or irrational fear.
3. That Mehera could not handle tough real-world facts.
4. That Baba treated Mehera like a child, unprepared for the real-world.
5. That Baba said this only to Mehera.

Now it is certainly true that Baba sometimes told a group of people something that was best for them. But in these cases we can easily see his purpose, in light of the circumstances of those people.

But a motive to out and out lie to Mehera, his closest consort, is insulting and self-serving.

There are two things that such people that think Baba lied to Mehera to keep her calm should ask. Polls show that 80% of people in the U.S. believe Kennedy was killed by some kind of conspiracy, and that Oswald didn't act alone. Now ask, do any of those people seem frightened by that? No. And we have to add that Mehera was 9000 miles away and with Baba. How much less frightened would she be? You who believe it was a conspiracy, are you frightened? No. Hence the assumption that Mehera would be highly and painfully fretful of a conspiracy presumes Mehera was an hysterical woman, and since Baba said this to several of his women disciples, more than once, that Indian women in general are hysterical.

Mehera was aware of many 'scary' facts about the world, the atrocities of Hilter, the endangerment of India from threats from China, etc. There is zero evidence that Baba sheltered Meher from the harsh realities of world events. After all Mehera brought up the topic because she read it in the newspaper. Obviously she had access to newspapers and read them as she wished.

The vision of Baba sheltering her from realities, after she went through the 1952 auto accident with him, more horrific an incident than what most of us experience in our entire lives, who saw death and starvation in her life travels, is regressive, and smacks of hidden misogyny, a Victorian view of women unable to endure facts without being upset.

Now, read this account from Mehera Meher, vol 3, p. 281 very carefully, and, most importantly, honestly, and ask yourself if you see the slightest indication of fright or apprehension in Mehera in her account of the incident. 
The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on
22 November. Mehera had anunusual experience at the time. It was midnight
in India when Kennedy was shot in Dallas, and everyone was fast asleep. “I’m
a heavy sleeper,” Mehera related “Onoe I’m asleep, I sleep deeply and soundly.
But that night at midnight, I was sleeping lightly, when I clearly heard a noise,
as if someone were snapping his fingers three times by my left ear. I woke up,
wondering who it was. Who is trying to wake me up? No one was there.
I turned over, didn’t give it another thought, and went to sleep.

“The next day, we heard the news that Kennedy had been shot three times.
My experience had been a sign I forgot to tell Baba then, but I remembered
and told him a few days later.”

Baba liked John Kennedy,1' Mehera said, and had remarked that he was a
fine individual. Yet, when the election had been held, three years earlier, the
women were listening to the results at Meherazad on the radio, when Baba
came for his morning tea. “We heard that Kennedy had been elected, and we
were glad, as we didn’t like [Richard] Nixon’s looks.”

“Isn’t it good, Baba,” they said “Kennedy won!”

Baba looked serious for a moment and then, with a sad expression, said,
“He shouldn’t have been elected.”

Mehera was surprised “But he looks so much better than Nixon, Baba.
Did you want Nixon to win? Nobody likes Nixon. Kennedy seems strong and
capable. He has a good personality and prestige.”

Baba nodded, but did not comment further. Clearly, he was not pleased
over the outcome. Now, three years later, when Kennedy was assassinated,
they remembered Baba’s words.

Baba’s gesture for Kennedy was a K; for Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who
shot Kennedy, Baba gestured, thee (awful, useless). After Oswald himself was
shot by Jack Ruby, when reports began appearing in the newspaper about a
possible conspiracy and the involvement of Ruby in the plan, Mehera asked
Baba whether Oswald was the sole culprit who had shot and murdered
Kennedy. Baba told her that he was.
Now carefully notice what Mehera is saying. She said that the sound of a 'snap' that she heard in her sleep, "as if someone were snapping his fingers three times by my left ear," and which she later took to be a sign fro Baba to her of Kennedy's assassination, as it happened at the same time, so did not perturb her that she didn't remember to even mention it to Baba for several days. Does that sound like someone hysterical?

Where is the sign she was scared?

I am afraid that the same over-active conspiratorial imagination that some insist on applying to Kennedy's unfortunate death, in spite of evidence, is applied to Mehera's psychological condition, in spite of evidence. In fact it is entirely in keeping with such pseudo-rational saving of assumptions to find 'some answer' to any counter-evidence, including their own claimed-master's own testimony to his closest disciple. So she must of course become, conveniently, not as clever as them. They (the conspiratorial lunatic) can handle the truth, But Mehera doesn't have their tough-mindedness.

How insulting to both Mehera and Baba.

Below are some of the most massive and exhaustive and scientifically analyzed books on the topic of the death of John F. Kennedy.
  • The Death of a President: November 20-November 25, 1963, 1993, by William Manchester (781 pages by award winning author)
  • Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK, 1993, by Gerald Posner (573 pages and a finalist for the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for History)
  • Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 2007, by Vincent Bugliosi (1,632 pages and winner of the 2008 Edgar Award for the Best Fact Crime category)
In the last and most recent, and most comprehensive, Bugliosi, a former Los Angeles County prosecutor, most famous for his prosecution of Charles Manson, debunks every conspiracy theory that has come to public imagination since the 1963 event.

The final question is the same that I have asked on numerous recent posts, including Atlantis and Forbidden Archeology. The question you must ask yourself is why you need this conspiracy theory? What does it establish that is so important to you? Why can't you be at peace with a world without this theory? Psychologists have posed some very plausible answers to that question. It would behoove anyone who is so addicted to these memes to look into them. If you think it is 'edgy' or 'esoteric' information, you are simply uninformed. Since the day of Kennedy's assassination, the majority of people have believed it is a conspiracy. Hence it is the opposite of esoteric belief. It is the exoteric commonly held belief of the masses. Those who read beyond the pop-culture pablum are really the ones that hold the esosteric (uncommon and informed) view, the very one that Baba shared privately with Mehera in the days after the event.

It is ironic that those that hold to the exoteric mass-culture view of a conspiracy in this case, want to project their own inability to face harsh troubling facts on Mehera. And hence the real joke is on them.

There's one more angle on this subject of persistent myths I'd like to address. Popular myths are very hard to dispel.

In 1828, Washington Irving (the author of Rip Van Winkle) wrote a partly fictitious book A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus in which he invented the fiction that Columbus fought the University establishment of his day who believed the world was flat. This was an invention by Washington Irving. Yet in 190 years of trying, scholars have not succeeded in expunging this myth from the public sphere. It is still taught in most high schools. There is no truth to it at all. In fact Columbus was arguing about the size of the earth, not its spherical, with academics, and they were correct and he was incorrect. If you don't believe me, read Wikipedia. The best book on the subject is Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians, by Jeffrey Burton Russell, 1991.

As everyone knows, myths and popular legends last for a very long time, often centuries or millennia. This is especially true when they fill some psychological niche, and dovetail with how they wish to view the world. I needn't give more examples.

Well in our current time certain myths, like Atlantis and the JFK "conspiracy" are like this. 90% of books on the JFK assassination are conspiracy-oriented. So reading up on the topic tells you nothing, just as pointing to countess High School textbooks, as late as the 1990s, will tell you the Columbus myth invented by Washington Irving.

It is not the fault of people that they don't know how to research things in a scientific way. When they pick a book to read they are naturally going to pick the ones that promise to interest them. If you want to write a book that 'sells' write what people 'want' to hear confirmed. Don't write what they don't want to hear.

I find it sad when someone tells me they have really studied' the topic of the 'assassination.' Such people have never actually read books like the ones listed above, or the Warren Commission Report, the official investigation of the incident. They would never do so, as those are 'part' of the conspiracy.

Now why do I harp on this? The reason is that I find it remarkable that people who claim to follow Baba, and believe he knows everything, and is good, cannot accept what Baba said about the topic, even though what Baba said actually conforms with all the true objective investigations. I find it incredible that they believe a filmmaker like Oliver Stone over their own master. In fact it simply confounds me.

It says something about the power of the mind to remain fixed on its treasured beliefs.

In the end, naturally anyone is free to think with the popular culture on anything they like. But they should not double up on their ignorance by also acting as if they have esoteric rare beliefs. These are the dumb popular beliefs. This is the Hollywood and dime-store belief. It's so silly it just makes me shake my head. Oh well.

I guess they think they are sticking it to the man, or are very sophisticated, can handle the truth or something. But when believing pop-media hype out of Hollywood and Simon and Schuster is sophisticated, my gosh. Oh well. My gosh. I guess Disney® is the new esoteric.