Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Light Orbs

Photo by Bhanu, 2006 Youth Sahavas, Meherabad, India

I got more feedback about my spirit article than any other I ever wrote. So I'm adding more images.

Here's one taken by my daughter on the ghost tour in the famously haunted Crescent Hotel not far from our home.

What are these bright globes? Are they spirits the eye can't see? Are they rogue photons tickling the CMOS chips of cameras? Are they pieces of dust reflecting a flash that is designed too close to the tiny lens on cheap cameras? Are they an effect known as bokeh as shown in the photo of a seagull below here?

I recently saw light orbs when I was dropping my daughter off at school. The sun was just cresting the horizon, crackling through the shady pines, and right there I saw clear orbs, a refraction of light on my dirty sunglasses.

I really don't know.

Update: 7-7-13

Here is a feasible scientific explanation for light orbs.


  1. If you'd like, I can share with you a picture, in which a small, white orb of Baba's face appeared. :)