Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alphabet Boards

Some time ago I wrote a post on the modern practice that has come to be called Keyboarding (communicating instantly by way of electronic keyboards). I pointed out the often sighted fact that it is reminiscent of Meher Baba's use of a wooden "alphabet board" to communicate. A minor update of that post is simply these two pictures of a new kind of communication devise, called the Frenchay Alphabet Board (FAB). It is designed for people who are literate but unable to speak.

It comes in two sizes. Interesting.

Frenchay Alphabet Board

Meher Baba pointing to letters on his alphabet board
Ahmednagar, India, September 1954


  1. Jai Baba. Hi, my name is Mickey Karger, follower of MB since 1968. I'm writing to ask your permission to use this amazing news for an article Dina Snow Gibson asked me to write do the Love Street Breezes.
    I get regular Google Alerts on Meher Baba, and this was the latest one. How utterly amazing that a commercial alphabet board has just being made available for speech handicapped people.
    I will mention Your log Meher Baba Words as the primary source, of course.
    Please let me know if its okay to cite this blog as the first place I'd heard of this device.
    Sincerely, Mickey Karger (
    PS: do yo have any high resolution pictures of this new alphabet board? If you do, would you mind sending them to me? Dina has asked for hi Rez photos, so if you have them, great.
    Jai Baba, and much thanks ahead of ime.

    1. So glad you liked the post. I have responded via email. -Chris