Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Clearest photos of Meher Baba

The clearest most vivid color photographs ever taken of Meher Baba were shot on 35mm movie film on the morning of Wednesday, September 20th, 1967 by the later-to-be-famous Dutch-born cinematographer Jan de Bont, who at the time of filming was only 23 years old. Bont photographed Baba as part of the crew of and under the direction of the Dutch documentary filmmaker Louis van Gasteren. Van Gasteren had made arrangements to film Baba after meeting Irwin Luck and Rick Chapman in America, who both told him about having met Meher Baba. What he heard inspired him to incorporate Baba into a film he was making titled No Plane for Zagreb (Nema Aviona Za Zagreb).

Meher Baba's feet from Beyond Words. Click to enlarge.
The film was shot with synchronous sound, using a Nagra taperecorder, and large parts of the footage that was shot have been released publicly in the movie Beyond Words, available from Sheriar Books Online.

Jan de Bont and Louis van Gasteren


  1. Van Gesteren's footage contains the best, highest quality film of Baba ever taken...period. Thanks for posting.