Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Baba Website to Beat all Baba Websites!

I just have to brag about the best website dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba in existence, and likely to EVER exist!

Home page of meherbabatravels
This is of course Meher Baba Travels (, an unimposing website with a misleadingly modest front page.

To actually see all that this website has to offer concerning Baba and Baba trivia, you must navigate to its site map here.

To give an example of the detail that this webmaster has devoted to his site, just try his page on Baba Hats and Head-wear. Wow! I don't know what else to say.

There are other sites I have found over the years where a single webmaster has given more than his 100% to bring you just about anything you could ever dream was connected with a particular subject of interest. Among others I have seen like this has to be the website dedicated to in-depth details on Charles B. Purdom, one of Baba's earliest western biographers (The Perfect Master: The Life of Shri Meher Baba, 1937) as well as editor of the first one-volume edition of Baba's discourses (God to Man and Man to God, 1955). The web page, webmastered by Alan Cash (who I do not believe is a Baba follower), is headed by the simple caption "C. B. Purdom Biographical Notes." If, after scrolling down the page, you think you have seen all that Cash has written on this city designer, check out Page 2 and all the pages that it links to.

C.B. Purdom 1883 – 1965
Baba must have agreed with Mr. Cash that Charles Purdom was somebody special. He was Baba's original choice for editor of his principal book God Speaks, before Purdom complained to Baba that he could not meet Baba's hurried deadline in his old age. See "God Speaks" released in 1958?

Anyway, kudos to the web-master of meherbabatravels. My hat's off to him.

Post-note 4.10.14

The webmaster of Meher Baba's Travels, whose name I have learned is Anthony Zois, was very appreciative of this little plug for his wonderful site. We recently finally met for the first time in Myrtle Beach. Here we are together on the Meher Center just before his return to his native Australia.

Chris Ott (left), Tony Zois (right)


  1. I'll tip my jester's hat (bells and all) to this marvellously light-hearted and informative entry, written with your characteristic jeu d'esprit ...
    Cheers from Java, coloured grey by volcanic ash, Frank