Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming Attractions

A month and a half ago, I wrote a post titled Scenes from Coming Attractions, in which I asked readers to allow some down time, but outlined some posts that were planned and on their way.

Since I accomplished all those goals, I thought I'd repeat the same idea. For at the moment nothing is planned in the short term, and there will likely again be a period of down-time.

Here then is a list of subjects that will likely come to this blog in time, but not immediately.

1. Positions thought to be held by Baba or presumed implied or relevant to what he said that he never said.

I would like to write a list of beliefs that are common among followers of Baba that have no root in anything Baba said. Of course nearly anything people insist on believing can be justified by quotes if they try hard enough. For instance during slavery slavery was justified by the Bible, even though early Christians banned the Roman practice. Racism also was "grounded" in Biblical passages. So I suppose nearly any belief could be "found" in Baba's writing, if we use enough creative license in interpreting his meaning. So that is going to be a very hard post to write. The belief that Baba said he was the Avatar can be proven by hundreds of statements by Baba. I'm sure that the belief the earth is about to be invaded by Martians could be claimed to be implied by something he said too, but to explain the difference to the determined is going to be tricky.

2. Why a Western approach isn't as stupid as some have been told.

Why Eastern philosophy is not required to understand Baba's writing. This will require the history of how the assumption that the East contains everything and the West contains nothing (or fragmented, lost, or secretly hidden) came about. It is untrue.

3. Why the "new science" is not relevant to what Baba said, and how the presumption it is got started.

I would like to address distortions, confusions, and overemphasis of the so-called "new science." This will be the hardest to explain, as certain assumptions are so deeply rooted in people's minds. I will have to explain how these ideas came about, the moment in history where these confusions originated, and the alternative that was missed and when. Then I will have to explain how and why I think the world will soon get back on track.

Filming with Phedon Papamichael
in the 1980s
4. Ideas on Baba's "movie" plan.

Finally I'd like to discuss what I think is the destiny of Baba's uncompleted film project.

If these ideas prove too difficult to work into blog posts, I will retire this site and begin some other forum for them. But I'll first make an effort to at least sketch some of them out here.

In the meantime I will do some posts with a minimum of words, just ineffable little videos and songs I like with no verbiage to attach to them. If they don't speak for themselves, that's fine. They 'speak' to me somehow, and I never bothered to or could think of why.


  1. If these ideas prove too difficult to work into blog posts, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with this format. It has gone a long way and I believe it can keep on going. Meanwhile whatever doesn't fit here could be worked in another format independently, no?

    1. It could be true what you say. But I seem to have reached an impasse. All along I had many things I sincerely wanted to say, some for the joke, and sometimes for serious, but the ideas I see now are of a type that turns in a right angle from the kind of post I have done in the past. I will have to see what happens. If it retires it will not go away, and if anything comes to mind I will add it. But there is another audience I am interested in and this site does not reach it and never will. I have followed a site for five years, with a closed membership that excludes me from commenting, and they are discussing ending it as it has reached a kind of terminus, for different reasons. I don't know. There are well over 200 posts and gets traffic whether I post or not. Its five most popular posts were done years ago, and never cease to get traffic. My daughter leaves for NY to start her life soon, and so I will have to shift focus, and not sure what that shift will be. But what is here of this site won't go away.