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Words Meher Baba never said

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Today is Silence Day, the anniversary of the day Meher Baba began his lifelong silence on July 10, 1925. Each year on this day, most Baba lovers around the world maintain a 24 hour silence of their own, in commemoration of Baba's life of silence.

Also each year, Wikipedia makes mention of Silence Day in the On This Day section of its front page (see above). This inevitably results in a Silence Day Spike on Wikipedia of increased visits to both the Silence Day and Meher Baba aritcles.

Here is the spike for visits to the Meher Baba article last year, as a result of linking from Silence Day to see who Baba is.

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While Baba never spoke after 1925 (nor wrote after January 1927), we do refer to things Baba "said," for, by various methods, Baba did communicate words to us, including entire messages, discourses, and books. In fact, taken as a whole, Meher Baba appears to have left more words than any other known Avatar.

There is lots of discussion, therefore, of what Meher Baba "said." This includes discussions such as whether he said it at all, whether he said it that way, what he meant by it, etc.

But, so far, I have not seen where anyone has written about things Baba DID NOT say — or to rephrase that more accurately — what we have no evidence that he ever said.

Here I don't attempt one either. But I do give a short tentative list of words that, as far as we have found in the words Baba has left us, he never used. And I think some of these are as interesting and noteworthy as what he did say.

Dimension (except in its common sense – as an 'aspect' of something, or the three dimensions). Baba never mentioned a fourth dimension, or other dimensions,

Big Bang




Time Travel

Alien (as in space alien)

Kalki (the name of the last of the ten Avatars in Hinduism known as the Dashavatara.

White Horse Avatar

Sathya Yuga or Treta Yuga or Dwapar Yuga (These are three of the four traditional ages, or yugas, in Hindism. Baba did mention the Kali Yuga, as the one we are in, and said a Yuga lasts 700-1,400 years. See God Sepaks.)

Golden Age

Age of Aquarius or Aquarian Age or New Age

Ascended Master


Astral Travel

Akashic records




Lost continent

Plato or Socrates or Aristotle

Egyptian religion or Aztec or Mayan religion

Akhenaten (An egyptian pharaoh whom atheist Sigmund Freud and some others have called the first monotheist, which is probably a projection of modern ideas onto the past)

Monotheism (the belief in one god; Baba taught there are no gods at all, but rather there is only God)

Baba did mention channeling, mediums, possession, ghosts, gravity, atoms, hydrogen, gases, evolution, planets with human life, and that the earth revolves around the sun. Baba also mentioned angels and archangels.

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  1. Chris, I remember once reading a book in which an aspirant asks Baba about the Akashic Records. I think it is in "Questions Baba Answered", an old book out of print now. I got it in India I think.