Friday, September 5, 2014

I never met Baba so here's my second best

Front: Naja, Schroff sister (from Karachi), Mani, Schroff sister, Mehera, Meheru, Goher, Khorshed, Arnavaz; behind: Ken Neunzig, Chris Ott, Rano, Marion Saffo
That's me in the back with the purple maroon hat, standing next to Ken Neunzig. I guess we were tall. These are many of Baba's closest women disciples, Mehera Irani center front. I was 15 years old. Meherazad, July 1975.

I spoke to Ken Neunzig about this photo where we are with the women. He said one of them must have called us over to be in the shot with them. We never would have been so bold and presumptuous as to have thought of it on our own. I agree with him. I think they just liked us.

Photo by David Fenster © 1975

Update 9-24-14:

I want to point out that my maroon knit hat (that I wore in all seasons) is the same color as Mani's shoes. Not sure how significant it is, but it jumps out at you and I couldn't help note it. One theory is Mani saw my hat matched her shoes and told me to get in the shot too. 

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  1. Thanks Chris, I kind of remember this being taken..being told "come, get in the picture" If i look strange it is because if this was July 6th it was my first full day in India this life time! But I suspect it might be a week or two later after i was deathly ill- so another reason i might look a bit out of it. :)