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Meher Baba on Politics

Today there is much talk of politics. Here is what Baba said when approached by a group to endorse their political position.
What is politics but fraud? Whatever your own, honest, candid opinion might be, you have to act according to the creed of the party, against the voice of your conscience, and thus be dependent upon others for your actions, which is quite opposed to the fundamental principles of Truth. (Lord Meher, online ever-changing version, p. 720)
Regardless of what Baba said, many of his followers today continue to rationalize that their fevered positions on politics are justified. They will say, 'that may be so of the the other party's politicians, but my hatred is based on the voice of my conscience.'

Such people are deeply naive, and ought to educate themselves on how easy it is for the elites that wield power to stimulate such 'deep felt' responses, however they like. They are, in a word, lead like sheep to their emphatic opinions.

The truth is that the powers that be are behind all the various 'parties' and take dual sides in conflicts, keeping people forever divided and in the dark. It is the great hope that Baba's work on Earth will have some positive effect some day on this condition. But at the moment it holds.

So how to educate oneself?

There is no one place to begin. There are innumerable excellent books on the topic. An easy one for beginners is Tragedy and Hope 101, which is free online at It in turn gives a list of recommended books in its bibliography.

Another great start for learning about modern mind-manipulation of the public is the 2002 BBC documentary series, The Century of the Self, part 1 displayed below.

To see the rest of the 4 part series go here.

There are several things to notice if one dives into study of politics. First is to have a farther reaching historical perspective than the daily news. Notice the following.

News is 'pushed' on society.
What is 'the daily news?' It is what is happening this minute, carved into a narrative that pits sides. Depending on which side you identify with -- meaning identify as being positions possessed by you -- you feel contempt for the other side.

Now notice another thing. Notice that both sides feel entirely justified in this hate, so much so that they just think the other is daft, stupid, crazy, or evil. Many reading this now will be disgusted by my even saying this -- as their 'opinions' they claim as being part of them, something they 'own' and that 'defines' who they are -- is so obviously True to them, that is is beyond any question. This was done TO you, not BY you. By people that know how your mind works better than you do.

Next notice this also very carefully. Notice what the 'daily news' does NOT tell you! It is not telling you history, and the more you look and discover the historical record the more you will find that this is deliberate. In fact what you are being shown is deliberately forced on you to NOT see the larger picture or even to contemplate it. It is like watching a hypnotist's watch forcing you to blinder out the rest of the world.

When I talk to people engrossed in politics, it is shocking and alarming what they do not know about what is happening across the world. They think that hypnotist's watch IS the world; the center of it.

The next thing to notice is that whoever is in office, whatever party is in the majority, the 'enemies' of America remain identical. Leaders from BOTH parties keep fighting to bring 'peace and plenty' to the world through bombing their people.

Every single administration in your lifetime has bombed sovereign nations with some righteous just cause, always explained as bringing good to that country. It has come to be called humanitarian bombing. It is always merciful and the starvation of citizens by sanctions is always for their good too, with names like:

Operation Noble Anvil
Operation Dignity
Operation Unified Protector
Operation Restore Hope

And yet we applaud our party. We have every excuse for them. It is the other party's failure, or we ignore the inconvenient realities altogether, if we even know them.

The terrible problem with politics that none that obsess over it seem to notice as one (oneself and one's party) is always good and there is always an arch enemy doing bad. And this is how you frame your entire world view. And some even become passionate over this --- feeling pathologically self-righteous. And nothing gets through.

Younger people are realizing that the left-right paradigm of hate and be hated is a trick to keep people misfocussed. People are being duped who still buy into politics, voting for two sides that in fact stand for nothing. In the words of Meher Baba, "Politics is fraud." Politics is nothing but a device to misdirect, divide, and control.

What else did Baba say about politics?
  • "Let it be quite clear that I have nothing to do with politics." (Lord Meher online version, p. 1460 :retrieved 6/18/17)
  • "I have no connection with politics." (Fiery Free Life Message, 1952)
  • "I am not concerned with politics." (Lord Meher, 1986 print edition, p. 4993)
  • "I have nothing to do with politics." (Lord Meher, 1986 print edition, pp. 1712 & 1757)

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