Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Religions in Harmony

Russia is 1000 years old. It is traditionally Orthodox Christian, though it has indigenous Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists from ancient times across its vast territory. When the religiously repressive regime of the Soviet Union fell in 1991, freedom of religion was restored. Today, the four ancient religions of the modern Russian Federation co-exist in happy harmony with mutual respect.

Above is the beautiful Russian city of Kazan as it looks today, where Muslim mosques and Orthodox Christian cathedrals light up the skyline. Atheists make up only 13% of the Russian population today.    PHOTO SOURCE

Baba once said that if the spiritual revival he ancticipated did not happen in America, due to continued use of drugs, it would occur in Russia.

Edgar Cayce once said in trance:

Reading 3976-10, given on Feb. 8, 1932, the suggestion to the sleeping Cayce included a request for a "plan for establishing peace on earth and good will among men."
(Q) What should be the attitude of so-called capitalist nations toward Russia?
(A) On Russia's religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one, or group, that is the closer in its relationships, may fare the better in the gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world.
Then in reading 3976-29 on June 22, 1944 he said:
What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

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