Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baba's comments about the Moon

I can't find it now, but somewhere I remember reading that Baba said that our Moon was once an Earth. I did find this quote:

"The earth is getting cooler and will eventually turn into a moon." (LM 1140)

If Baba said the Moon was once an Earth, it goes against modern theory, though that doesn't bother me.

What I always wondered was, if the Earth will one day be a moon, will it be small like the moon. Now one day my friend Stelios sent me this site I will search for, a theory that the Earth may expand when heated and contract when cooled as the Moon is now. It is called the Expanding Earth Theory. Really wild.

But since I can't find this quote by Baba about the Moon once being an Earth, perhaps I misremembered. About the Earth one day becoming a moon, he could have been referring to the moon's absence of water, air, and internal volcanism. A dead planet.

Update (11-2-2010)

I finally found the quote I had in mind.
The Moon, which gives us light at night, was once an earth, just like our Earth; and there are a number of such cooled-down earths. Millions of years ago the condition of our Earth was quite different from its present condition, and millions of years hence it will be just like the Moon.

from Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, by Ramjoo Abdulla, p. 21-23


  1. I think the moon was once inhabited. I'm not sure what Meher Baba said about it, but seem to recall
    one of the Sufis (Reoriented) talking about it.

  2. I too recall reading Baba saying the moon is a "dead earth". I don't recall the source of His comments, however, i do recall it was within the context of explaining life and "earths" (plural) as the succession of habitats for the spiritual advancement of consciousness of our individualized souls/existence. I recall reading also, that He stated that another "earth" was being prepared to replace this one, when it finally expires.