Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baba on Odd Animals

"The missing link is a creature exactly like a gorilla but with a short tail. And whereas the gorilla uses its hands while walking, the missing link walks on its feet. His face is like a chimpanzee's, and his figure and gait of walking are like the gorilla's. After this missing link, the first human form evolves. Scientists may find signs of this so-called missing link in Java, Sumatra or the Indian jungles of the central provinces in Madhya Pradesh." (Meher Baba, LM 1872)

Homo floresiensis
Wikipedia – As far back as Mr. Van Heerwarden's account of Orang Pendek, people have speculated that the animal may in fact be a "missing link।" In October 2004, scientists published claims of the discovery of skeletal remains of a new species of human (Homo floresiensis) in caves on Flores Island (another island in the Indonesian archipelago) dating from 12,000 years ago. The species was described as being roughly one meter tall. The recency of Homo floresiensis' continued existence and the similarities between its physical description and the accounts of Orang Pendek have led to renewed speculation in this respect.

"One bird is so peculiar that no one can have any idea of it even in his wildest imagination. This bird is half bat and very large – about fifteen feet high. It has two legs like an ostrich. Its neck is about two feet in circumference. It[sic] head, however, is small, only about two feet – when compared to its body. Its wingspread is six feet. Its beak is like a vulture's, the end being thick and the point being thin." (Meher Baba, LM 1872)

Terror bird size
New Sceintist, October 25, 2006 – The first near-complete skull of a giant "terror bird", of the phorusrhacid family, has been discovered in Argentina, allowing scientists new insight into the agility of the flightless prehistoric monsters. Giant flightless birds up to 3 metres tall were the top predators in South America between 60 million and 2 million years ago. Scientists knew that phorusrhacids could be big, but until now there has not been a fossil complete enough to tell what the biggest looked like. We are challenging the traditional view that these birds, as they grew bigger, they became less agile.

"Its beak is like a vulture's, the end being thick and the point being thin."

Ostrich feet
"It has two legs like an ostrich."

Terror bird ostrich leg comparison. Baba said it has the legs of an ostrich.

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