Sunday, August 2, 2009

After, after, after

Those who follow this blog know my love of dates. I haven't been able to help noticing that Meher Baba seems to enjoy applying the word "after" to his hints of coming events. Is this like my mother saying to me as a child, "Soon dear, soon."?

"You signed the agreement before witnesses. I promise to stick to my end. Exactly after one year I will give you the powers you want." (LM 2164)

"After one year, this body will definitely drop." (1958 - LM 5351)

"You all do not realize the importance of this day. After seventy years, this place will be a place of great privilege and pilgrimage." (Upper Meherabad 1958 - LM 5363)

"Meherabad, where I will rest after dropping my body, is now like a desert. After a hundred years it will flourish into a place of pilgrimage." (1962 - LM 6032)

"I will come back again after seven hundred years; this much I can say now." (LM 4283)

"I will hear the rest of it when I come back after seven hundred years!" (LM 4890)

JAMES DOUGLAS (editor of the London Sunday Express): "A change of heart? What a sovereign remedy. But when will the heart change?"

BABA: "It will start after about a year." (1932 - LM 1561)


  1. Thank you so very very very much, for taking the time from your existence to write "Essentials of a Spiritual Metaphysics". Reading it is as if my feelings about life had become words, and I had to do absolutely nothing! But, such is the wonder of infinite intelligence, for through my direct experience I am both the reader and the author of everything that I read. =) Thank you again, Bless You!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a joy to write too.