Monday, August 31, 2009

Lost Horizon

An eerie ending to another great film by the inspired auteur Frank Capra. Robert Conway returns to Shangri-la, the hidden lamasery in Tibet, in "Lost Horizon" (1937). Based on James Hilton’s highly popular 1933 novel by the same name.

Here is what Baba said about Shambhala, the original Buddhist term that James Hilton based his Shangri-la on.
Garrett Fort: Is there really the place known as Shambala, the Astral centre where the Masters dwell in disembodied form?

Baba: It is presumed that you already know that planes are not places. The state and stage connoting Shambala exists. There is difference of terminology only. This is also known as Vidnyan. (1936, India, A p26-28, also T p195-197)

Note: Vidnyan is State VIII of God in God Speaks (GS 1997 ed. p. 184). It is a state of consciousness, known as Vidnyan-consciousness (GS, 1997 ed., p. 45), not a place.

Vidnyan (Vedanta): (vijn ana) Conscious Unity. The highest divine consciousness. Sufi: ahadiyat. (GS glossary, p. 300)

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  1. The film, set in the Himalayas, was shot in the mountains of Ojai, California, also the location of Meher Mount, a property dedicated to Meher Baba.