Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meher Baba on his Words

"When you don't respect my words, how can you respect me?" (LM 522)

"You love your own feelings and personal fancies more than the worth of my words." (LM 709)

"If you don't find my words to your liking, it is better you do leave!" (LM 612)

"My words will be so sacred even they will work wonders!" (LM 925)

"To pay attention to what I say and desire is real meditation. What better meditation could there be than that?" (LM 1145)
"It is really very difficult for anyone to believe and understand what I say, because no one can grasp the meaning underlying my words." (LM 4585)
"I, too, have complete faith not only in myself as God but also in my words, although not as you understand them." (LM 5830)
"You may use your intellect, but not at the cost of disbelieving my words or disobeying my orders." (LM 1799)

"Try to believe in my words and have faith in them, as everything that I have declared in Meherabad will come to pass precisely as I have said." (LM 4578)

"What is the worth of your work when you have no value for my words?" (LM 757)

"What value does your penance and prayers have when you don't value my words?" (LM 3046)

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