Monday, August 3, 2009

Societies and Organizations

All quotes are by Meher Baba, lifted from Lord Meher (LM), 1986 print edition.

"The Prophets lay down certain rules and practices to help the masses lead better lives and to incline them toward God. These rules become the tenets of an organized religion; but the idealistic spirit and motive force, which prevail during the Avatar's lifetime, gradually disappear after his death. That is why organizations cannot bring spiritual truth home to people. Religious organizations become like archaeological departments trying to resuscitate the past." (LM 1347)

"My coming to the West is not with the object of establishing new creeds and spiritual societies and organizations." (LM 1554)

"Societies and organizations have never succeeded in bringing Truth nearer." (LM 1616)

"I do not intend to found any religion, cult, creed or society. There are already far too many of these organizations." (LM 1626)

"[A Universal Spiritual Center in the West] is a good idea indeed, but by attaching to it great significance or giving it too much importance, it develops into a regular organization or system... That is exactly what I am afraid could happen. If such centers are allowed to prosper, they form themselves into organizations or societies... Organizations are like the foam which brings unwanted things up to the surface of the sea, letting the real substance lie beneath, submerged in the depths." (LM 2270)

"I have no need of any establishment or organization. Yet I want workers. Why? To make people ready to receive what God will make me give." (LM 4199)

"I need no religious organizations." (LM 5224)

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