Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baba on Channeling

Here is what Meher Baba had to say about what he called "so-called messages" people from time to time say they receive from him.
". . . do not seek various messages through various mediums or channels, nor be deceived into thinking that Baba is sending his messages through any of you. This seeking of so-called messages leads a sincere aspirant astray, and grossly endangers his spiritual progress.." (Meher Baba, in a letter to the Miami Baba group in 1962, also in How a Master Works, p. 372)
Ten States of God chart by Meher Baba
Baba gave a unique teaching. It is nothing like the "ascended master" teachings popularized in the last 125 years. Baba taught that while God is the real indweller in every being and thing, He is conscious of Himself as God and at the same time conscious of the universe only when He is in the form of an embodied living Perfect Master. To be more exact, Baba taught that there are Ten States of God, and among these Ten States in which God continuously resides the only one that experiences both the 7th plane (Godhood) and duality (the world of phenomena, people, plurality, the universe) is in the form of a living embodied Perfect Master on Earth. This unique state where God is simultaneously conscious of His own Self and the universe is called State X (God Speaks, 1997 ed. p. 167). This is the reason that Meher taught it was so important to find a living Perfect Master. After a Perect Master (or the Avatar) drops his external form (gross and subtle), He enters a state of samadhi, in which He experiences only Himself without any awareness of, or relationship to of any kind, the universe with its duality and separate souls seeking his counsel. Baba obviously cannot then communicate with what he does not experience from his state of samadhi after he drops his body.

Baba describes two types of people who could communicate with people by sending them audible voice, who would ever deceive them into thinking they were Him. Neither of them are advanced souls. Below they are listed and described in full.


Channeling an "ascended master"
from the book "The Law of One"
The first is of course lower spirits ("ghosts"), which Baba says are suicides who wander about in the lower astral because they are unable to exhaust the gross sanskaras they had to work out in their lives. Baba said these can be a source of harassment to living people.
To hold seances or to talk with the dead is no great thing, because such spirits are always among us on this living plane. (Meher Baba, Lord Meher, p. 724)
Besides these ghosts Baba did refer to "higher spirits" that he said do work for the spiritual hierarchy. However, these are in a body and are not disincarnate. But such advanced souls would of course never deceive Baba's lovers to believe they were Baba talking to them.
Higher spirits are actually agents of God – with powers and certain duties. They have physical forms in order to work in the world according to the directives issued by the Perfect Masters. (Meher Baba, ibid)
People with 100% mind and 0% heart

Now the only other form that could deceive one, the only other possible source Baba mentions (as he said there are no real demons) are people he described in some detail, who incarnate to Earth during particularly strong Avataric advents such as the one we are in from planets where there is less heart development, but enormous intellect. Some of these souls with the least heart and love, Baba says, have the unique ability to send their thoughts without gross means. However, he said that these souls have 0% love, though high intellect, and from a spiritual point of view are not advanced.
[People from certain of these planets] are extremely intelligent — far more intelligent than the human beings of our Earth; so much so that they are capable of expressing their thoughts without Gross means. (Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, by Ramjoo Abdulla, pp. 21-23).
Such people would have the ability to appear to be ascended or hidden teachers sending messages, and be capable of appearing to be Baba to one who was seeking to hear Him. This would account for Baba's special use of the word above, so-called messages when warning his lovers in 1962 not to be "deceived" or "lead astray." He said this could happen even to a "sincere aspirant" who sought to hear him in this way.

Is it possible that any of these souls with highest mind but low spiritual development are now harassing us here on Earth?

Absolutely Yes!
Hence the present influx of population on earth is but the natural outcome of the rush of migration from other worlds, and the ones migrating from the worlds of highest intelligence are responsible for carrying science to the peak it has reached today. (Much Love, by T.K. Ramanujam, p. 529)

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  1. interesting. i am listening to a dean koontz novel now abt cloning these animals and stuff. science is scary now because of the sick stuff they can do and yet they don't seem to find cures for diseases like retinitis pigmentosa or multiple sklerosis. also i feel i have experienced the presence of ghosts. and yes channeling is very mental. it concerns me because the course in miracles was written through channeling. well i have no answers, only thoughts and lately no one agrees with anything i say, but that's my challenge right now. also being a reiki master, is my body work, being a type of energy healing be frowned upon in this philosophy or thought system? because i feel i put a lot of love into my practice. look forward to hearing your thoughts. fascinating christopher.

  2. However, Meher Baba stated: I am never silent. I speak eternally. The voice that is heard deep within the soul is my voice . . . the voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance. Through those who are receptive to this voice, I speak. -- Meher Baba. Personal messages to yourself from your Self, that is.

  3. It's good to read what Baba had to say about this subject. I know a number of "Baba lovers" who are actively engaged in channeling, apparently justifying it by manipulating Baba's teachings to suit their own purposes. If you truly believe in Baba you don't need anyone or anything else.