Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Pictures

There is a wonderful website for those who love to explore pictures in connection to Baba's life.

It is called but has a lot more than just travels on it.

This is a picture of what appears to be the first use of air travel by Baba's mandali for his work, from the 1928 trip Rustom K. Irani took to make first contacts with the West.

Click image to enlarge.
The model of the plane in the picture above is the Farman F 60 "Goliath."

Farman F.60 Goliath
I imagine the plane was used to cross the English Channel once Rustom arrived in France by train. I will have to check all my facts. I found it amazing how early in aviation history Baba's work began to use air travel. It seems rather historic to me, and I also imagine it would be a wonderful image for a biographical movie of Baba's life one day.

The next wonderful image I found in meherbabatravels is this juxtaposition of images of Vishnu Deorukhar, who Baba said was the reincarnation of the French Emperor Napoleon I, and the Emperor himself.

A picture they say says a thousand words.

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