Sunday, September 30, 2012

Intelligence Notebooks

The innumerable Individual Infinite false minds are all in the one universal Infinite false mind (false I, false egoism) and this Infinite false-thinking mind is in the Infinite Intelligence. So the Infinite Intelligence is in every Individual Infinite false mind. Through every individual Infinite false mind and its subtle and gross bodies, it is the same One Infinite Intelligence realizing Its subtle and gross imagination .
 . .

 —Meher Baba
Cover of one of the two original
composition books discovered
in Meherazad in 1969
The above excerpt is from my own cleaned up manuscript of two original notebooks based on teachings by Meher Baba, probably written in 1925-1926, and discovered by Baba's disciples in Meherazad, India in 1969, a few months after he passed away.

For a download link to the edited manuscript and additional background material regarding the notebooks, click here.

To go directly to the PDF manuscript click here.

Sample of original text
(handwriting remains undetermined)

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