Sunday, February 24, 2013

Receiving messages from Masters, living or dead

From a letter dictated by Meher Baba through Dr. Ghani to Ivy Duce -- Lord Meher, page 3232
For the continuance of the work of spiritually enlightened humanity, it is never imperatively essential to contact disembodied Masters, nor is it necessary to receive messages from departed souls. It is only living Masters actually working on the physical plane that sometimes communicate or send messages of guidance through and to suitable mediums.
The sending of messages even by living Masters is a rare phenomenon and very seldom resorted to, unless the urgency of the situation warrants it. The Masters who are out to guide humanity always do so by having recourse to ordinary and natural means of communication. When Masters in flesh avoid all occult methods of teaching and guiding humanity through appointed mediums, whatever may be their intrinsic worth, you can imagine how tall and presumptuous the claim of certain individuals can be when they talk of receiving messages from Masters, and that too from those who are no more on the physical plane of existence. You are therefore enjoined by Hazrat Meher Baba to remember that nobody should succeed in impressing or overawing you by such claims as having the capability of receiving messages from Masters, living or dead.


  1. This is a very clear message about all this mess with people claiming to receive messages from Meher Baba, even years after having dropped his body. I am glad you found this one.

  2. this then draws into question (I assume) all correspondence I have with Meher Baba????

    1. Amandor, a friend sent me the quote, which I double checked for accuracy, and then posted. I think it is self-explanatory. I don't know what you mean by "correspondence." My dictionary defines "correspond" as:

      1. To be in agreement, harmony, or conformity.
      2. To be similar or equivalent in character, quantity, origin, structure, or function: English navel corresponds to Greek omphalos. See Synonyms at agree.
      3. To communicate by letter, usually over a period of time.

      If you mean the first, I don't know how it draws into question our agreement, harmony, or conformity. If you mean the second, it doesn't say one way or the other. If you mean the last (communicate by letter), it certainly doesn't call it into question, as it says explicitly "The Masters who are out to guide humanity always do so by having recourse to ordinary and natural means of communication."

  3. Christopher, correspondence was apparently an inappropriate word to use. I should have said, this then draws into question the authenticity of the messages I receive from Meher Baba. These messages that I receive are not hand written, nor do I hear them audibly. But there is clearly a communication (messages to and from.)
    I would remind you that in LM 2122 'Through us, not to
    us'in your favorite quotes section, Meher Baba states,

    "I am never silent. I speak eternally. The voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance. Through those who are receptive to this voice I speak."

    Furthermore...It was stated... 'all works, thus, that come from intuition and inspiration that express into the world of forms truth, love, and beauty are God ever speaking'... Who said that?

    I believe with sufficient research we would find that HIS statement was taken out of context or there is a misunderstanding as to it's meaning.