Friday, June 28, 2013

Ancient Astronauts

One of the areas of interest I like to cover from time to time on this blog is flying saucers. Twice when asked in the 1950s Meher Baba said they do not come from other planets. For those quotes go here.

The view that flying saucers do come from other planets is at the heart of a mid-20th-century theory known as the "ancient astronaut theory." This theory posits that many of the seemingly inexplicable sites and signs on the Earth are due to visitors from other planets in the Earth's ancient past. The theory also posits that the gods and angels of our ancient scriptures, both in the Eastern religious texts and Western, are in fact misidentified aliens.

In this marvelously thought out and meticulous documentary "Ancient Aliens Debunked," Chris White examines and discredits all the main assertions of this theory in the order they are presented in the 2010 History Channel series titled "Ancient Aliens."

While the ancient astronaut theory isn't new, and has been debunked in the past, it has recently gone through a major revival, requiring a new generation to address its wild claims.

The film is long, a series in itself, over three hours, and I doubt many will have time to watch all of it. But I have enjoyed it more than once, over several nights. If you ever can't sleep you might consider setting your laptop at the foot of your bed and getting informed on matters weird and mysterious (unless those kinds of things keep you up too).

The film starts out slow, but gets much more interesting as it goes on.

Included in this full length documentary are so many marvelous 20th century superstitious assumptions that it is worth while just for that -- to get one's mind unbound from some layers of modern Maya.
  • Puma Punku 
  • The Pyramids 
  • Baalbek
  • Incan sites  
  • Easter Island 
  • Pacal's rocket (Mayan rockets)
  • The Nazca Lines (ancient airstrips)
  • Tolima "fighter jets"
  • Egyptian "light bulb" (Dendera)
  • Ufo's in medieval art 
  • Crystal skulls
  • Ezekiel's Wheel 
  • Ancient nuclear warfare (in the Mahabharata)
  • Vimanas (Vedic flying machines)
  • Anunnaki 
  • Nephilim 
Warning: Do not go to the site ancientaliensdebunked as it appears to have become infected by malware. The video above is safe.

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  1. It's us, you know or the powers that be would be much more openly concerned than they are. However, the Urantia Book which Baba said had many errors in it, talk of a race of none breathers who live in our solar system. Maybe that is why the "Grays" have no nostrils, ha.