Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The annual Silence Day spike on Wikipedia

Some facts about Wikipedia statistics.

The Meher Baba main article on Wikipedia gets about 500 visits every day, about 1,500 a month.

However, every Silence Day there is a spike of visits, mostly to "Silence Day," and a smaller spike for the main Meher Baba article. I assume (but don't know) that this could be the result of people being told by an employee or a friend that they will not be speaking for this one day due to Silence Day.

Here is the current spike so far for Silence Day.

To do your own exploration of Wikipedia traffic statistics go here:

Update: 7.11.13

Revised spike recorded the day following Silence Day.
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Spike for Silence Day

Spike for Meher Baba

Spike for Baba's translator Eruch Jessawala

Update: 8.05.13

This blog also got a spike in views on silence day.

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