Friday, February 28, 2014

Scenes from Coming Attractions

My usual 'taking a break' image.
Currently I have several blog posts in the works in various stages of development -- some just topics, some still mulling how to word, one partly written. Since I always feel compelled not to leave this blog for too long without letting people know what is going on -- such as leaving a notice I'm taking a break or lack the time -- I thought I'd list five topics I have tentatively planned or in the works. These are not easy to frame in a proper way so they are understood -- and not misunderstood.

1. Nazis – and Talking Big

Nazi atrocities
A mysterious title that will be clear what it means. This is about what Baba is sometimes coined as saying, and what sources we have really say Baba said, about the Third Reich. For many this will be no news at all, but as a friend has told me some of the rumors going around, and asked me to comment on it, I will.

2. Politics

I don't have a better title than that yet. I don't want to call it "Baba and politics" because that would be misleading. I think it will be clear when I can figure out how to say it. I have much material sent to me from India for this post, and have not figured out how to use it. A sensitive topic of course, so has to be just right - and not give the wrong idea.

3. The Place of Motion Picture Media in Spiritual Evolution

Baba had a great deal to do with the what he called "the film world." And I happen to have a degree in the topic, and a lot of experience up close in that world. And have given this a lot of thought. My thoughts on this topic will of course be only opinion. What Baba said on the topic is well-known, as he gave a public statement, and it was also brought up in the film interview "Beyond Words." Baba also used cinema as an analogy in explaining metaphysics, but this goes beyond the topic.

4. Plato's Cave

Baba's unique twist on the 2,400 year old analogy by the Greek philosopher who was the student of Socrates.

5. Heart and Mind

Baba's unique break-down of the heart and mind, along with reflections on the ontology (type of existence) and value of each -- as well as how they are aspects of one thing.

So stay tuned to this Bat Channel. Even if it takes a while.


  1. you make my day and water my mind, thanks. Marc Flayton