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Baba on Intelligent Life on other planets

These are quotes by Meher Baba on life on other planets. Lord Meher refers to the 1986 print edition.

Image is meant to represent Baba's description of millions of planets emanating from the Creation Point, not a point in a physical sense but metaphysically as a point of God's perspective. Earth is the farthest along in its evolution both materially and spiritually, closest to the goal, and where the spiritual path for souls takes place. Baba divided planets into seven principle stages, the seventh comprising 18,000 planets with human life, this subdivided into three major types: C, B, and A, the last, A, consisting of a single planet, Earth, where God-realization is possible.

Every star, though appearing to be a mere sparkling dot, is not a single world, but a mighty sun with a solar system of evolving planets like our own. 

       (17 May 1927, Rahuri, Lord Meher, Vol. 3 p. 937)


Stars, like planets, are spheres; but many of the planets are inhabited by human beings. They resemble the Earth in culture, science and in every way materially ... but from the spiritual point of view, our Earth is the most advanced, for the Perfect Masters are born on this planet. These other planets seem far off from one another but, in reality, they are close. After Realization a man finds them issuing from himself in the millions – like tiny bubbles. He finds himself to be the source of everything – the Maker of all! Although the gross spheres of the universes are different, the spiritual planes from beginning to end are one.

(23 April 1924, Meherabad, Lord Meher, Vol. 2 p. 619)


It is important for the world and the scientists to know, and therefore I have explained about cycles, the position of the earth for Realization, the earth dying and the simultaneous evolution of another earth – not any other planet.

        (Lord Meher, p. 4070, Meherazad February 11th, 1953 – to Irene Conybeare)


Scientists will gradually come to know what I have been saying for many years and also today. It is not possible to see all the universes and the worlds. They are not visible even with all the modern means. Nor will it be possible for man to reach them or contact them; yet, the scientists will come to know about them.

         (Lord Meher, p. 6005)

After this missing link, the first human form evolves [it is physically or sexually a eunuch.

         (Lord Meher, p. 1872)

Only on the planet Earth do human beings come here to reincarnate and begin the involutionary path to God-Realization. The Earth is at the center of the millions of universes, to which all souls must migrate to begin the Inward Journey. In Infinity, you cannot have a point as center; otherwise, it is not Infinity. And yet on the chart we have made the Earth the center of infinite space. Why? Because though there are many inhabited worlds in infinite space, human beings of those planets have to migrate eventually to the Earth. In some worlds, the people are very intelligent, much more so than on Earth; yet, they must come to this Earth-speck for the sake of the "heart," the involutionary journey... But all this is not meant for you people. It is all useful though for posterity. 

            (Lord Meher, p. 6006)


Later, the Master explained that there exist in the physical cosmos eighteen thousand planets with human life forms, and millions of planets with evolutionary life forms, along with millions and millions of universes which are in a state of cosmic evolution. He clarified that Earth was the only planet where the process of involution occurred – that only on Earth do human beings experience the planes of spiritual consciousness. And he further explained that not only were the five Perfect Masters on Earth, but the entire seven thousand member spiritual hierarchy of saints and advanced souls. At this time, such esoteric points were not public knowledge.

       (Lord Meher, p. 619)


Many a world has gone, and this too will go. To take its place, another world is being made ready. Three-fourths of it is already ready, one-fourth remains to be formed. If this world is destroyed today, evolution will start in another. Evolution consists of a fixed process of ages – stone age, vegetable age, worm age, and so forth. If this world is destroyed today, an interval will remain, but by natural processes new life in a new world will take millions of years to materialize. Millions of years are required for another world to come into being. 

       (Lord Meher, p. 4203, July 31, 1953)


We have said that each wave-bubble is a world in itself, and that there are numberless worlds. But for the purpose of illustration, we shall divide them into seven ranges: E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. In each of these ranges there are a number of worlds.

Of these numberless Gross worlds, seven, each of which we have distinguished with a number, are nearer to the Creator, point D, than all the others. The three worlds A, B, C in the central range, are to be regarded as only one world - the seventh, because they are so connected with one another as to form one world with two branches. This diagram shows the details at a glance:

Now let us see what drop-bubbles (forms) each of the seven wave-bubbles (worlds) contains.

World number 1 contains stones.

World number 2 contains stones and wind.

World number 3 contains stones, wind and metals.

World number 4 contains stones, wind, metals and water.

World number 5 contains stones, wind, metals, water and vegetables.

World number 6 contains stones, wind, metals, water, vegetables and animals.

World number 7 contains stones, wind, metals, water, vegetables, animals and human beings.

It is only the seventh world (A, B, C) that has human beings besides other forms. Of the three parts of this world A, B, C, our Earth is A. And the peculiarity of the seventh world is that only in its A part, that is, on our Earth, a human being can realise God, owing to several reasons, the chief of which are:

1. Our Earth is nearest to the Creator-point.

2. Our Earth, and our Earth alone, is directly connected with Mental and Subtle worlds.

3. It is only on our Earth that it is possible for human beings to possess intellect and love -- head and heart -- in equal proportions.

The inhabitants of the C part of the seventh world are extremely intelligent -- far more intelligent than the human beings of our Earth; so much so that they are capable of expressing their thoughts without Gross means. The inhabitants of the B part are also more intelligent than the people of our world, but not so intelligent as those of C. But though A -- our Earth -- is inferior from the standpoint of intellect to both B and C, it is certainly superior to them from the standpoint of love and high emotions. Whereas the inhabitants of C have 100% intellect and 0% love, and those of B have 75% intelligence and 25% love, the people of our Earth have, on an average, intelligence and love in equal proportions. When one, subduing intellect, gets 100% love, one realises God.

When the atma [i.e. soul] leaves its highest form [i.e. human form] in C, it takes the highest form in B; and after giving it up in B, it incarnates in the highest form on our Earth. Therefore evolution, strictly speaking, ends on our Earth, but the atma has to go on reincarnating in the human form till it knows itself, i.e., till God is realised.

Now, just as there is evolution of drop-bubbles, so also there is evolution and reaction of wave-bubbles. The Moon, which gives us light at night, was once an earth, just like our Earth; and there are a number of such cooled-down earths. Millions of years ago the condition of our Earth was quite different from its present condition, and millions of years hence it will be just like the Moon. About the time our Earth turns into a moon, it will slip aside from its present position, just as the preceding one did; and its place will be filled by the B part of the seventh world. C will take the place of B, and the world number six will take the place of C, and so on. Needless to say that with the evolution of wave-bubbles (worlds), the evolution of drop-bubbles (souls) goes on simultaneously. In the world number six, at present there are no human beings, but when it will take the place of C, souls, after giving up the highest animal form, will incarnate in the human form with extraordinary intellect. Similarly, when B will take the place of our Earth, its inhabitants will be filled with more love and imbued with higher emotions than they have at present.

           (Awakener Magazine Volume 3 Number 1 pp. 42-44)


In the cosmogony of this universe, this Earth of ours has a special significance, being much nearer to the spiritual sphere. There are other worlds where much mental development is marked. But spiritual progress really begins on this Earth.

         (Dictated before August 1949, Sparks of the Truth, ed. C.D. Deshmukh, 1967 edition, p. 116)


"On one planet people have enlarged their
intellects so much so that they can survive
for hundreds of years. But the people there
are 99% atheists."
Twenty or thirty years ago, I pointed out that there are other planets besides earth where living beings exist.  Still, I emphatically say that God can only be realized on this earth. God is everywhere, but he manifests as the Avatar only on this earth. Perfect Masters are also found only on the earth and nowhere else. On one planet people have enlarged their intellects so much so that they can survive for hundreds of years. But the people there are 99% atheists. On all of these evolved planets, the mind predominates and the heart is totally undeveloped. On some planets, people are totally devoid of heart; there is not even 1% place for feeling love. Except for the earth, on all other evolved worlds intellect alone prevails. Therefore, God cannot be realized on those planets. These souls must take birth on this earth to realize God.

          (2nd October 1959, Meher Baba, Lord Meher, 5651)


God is infinite, and his shadow is also infinite. The shadow of God is the infinite space that accommodates the infinite Gross sphere, which, with its occurrences of millions of universes, within and without the range of man's knowledge, is the creation that issued from the point of finiteness in the infinite existence that is God.

In these millions of universes are many systems with planets, some in gaseous states, some in states of solidification, some which are stone and metal, some which also have vegetation, some which also have developed life forms such as worms, some also fish, some also birds, some also animals, and a few also have human beings.

Thus it is that throughout the myriads of universes, there are planets on which the seven kingdoms of evolution are manifested, and the evolution of consciousness and forms is completed. But only on the planet Earth do human beings reincarnate and begin the involutionary Path to Self-realisation. Earth is the centre of this infinite Gross sphere of millions of universes, inasmuch as it is the point to which all human-conscious souls must migrate in order to begin the involutionary Path.

           (Meher Baba, c.1960, India, The Everything and the Nothing, p. 22)

There are 18,000 worlds in creation which are inhabited [by human beings], some by human beings with 100% intelligence, others with lesser and varying degrees of it. But the value of our Earth, where mind and heart balance, is inestimable. For it is here and here alone that one can go through the process of involution and experience the Subtle and Mental spheres, here alone that God-realisation can be attained.

Thus it is that souls (jivatmas) from other inhabited worlds finally take birth on this earth for their emancipation, more so during the Avataric advent when the highest spiritual benefit is gained, and most so when the Avataric manifestation is greatest. Hence the present influx of population on earth is but the natural outcome of the rush of migration from other worlds, and the ones migrating from the worlds of highest intelligence are responsible for carrying science to the peak it has reached today.

All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a neverending tide and ebb. Even this Earth expends itself in time, and another earth takes its place. Science will soon come to know a little of what I have said.

       (from notes dictated by Meher Baba, 1963? India, Much Love, by T.K. Ramanujam, 1994 edition, p. 529)


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