Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update on the Shroud of Turin

How the shroud actually appears
before it is reversed to negative
In 2009 I wrote a post titled Shroud of Turin. Since then I have updated that page many times as new information became available and old YouTube videos went off-line and new better ones appeared. If one visits that page they will see some of those new videos.

The main point of that post was that in 1933 Baba told Elizabeth Patterson that the Shroud of Turin being exhibited in Italy that year was the authentic burial shroud of Jesus. So I have followed the progress of new research on the Shroud over the years since hearing this. But my own account was based on my memory of my father telling me he heard this from Tom Riley and that Elizabeth had conveyed this to him. As my father and Elizabeth are gone, I have never had a chance to verify the account with Tom until now.

1933 exhibit of the shroud of Turin
Today I had that opportunity as I ran into Tom Riley, who along with his first wife Yvonne, told my parents about Baba in 1964. I took Tom aside and asked him about the account I remembered my father telling me, and he immediately confirmed it was true. I barely got the words out. He knew exactly what I was referring to. He also told me that the fact Baba said this is documented but that he was no longer certain where he had read it.

A brief history:

In 1978 a team of scientists called STURP for Shroud of Turin Research Project, which included several scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, went to Italy and spent five days performing tests and taking images and samples of the shroud. They released their findings in 1981, which said they could find no obvious cause for the image.

However, in 1988 a carbon 14 test came back showing the shroud to be a 14th century creation. So for another decade and a half most scientifically minded people ignored the shroud as a medieval hoax.

Then, in 2005, Los Alamos scientist and atheist Raymond Rogers published a paper in the extremely prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal Thermochimica Acta, showing his definitive finding that the sample that was carbon dated in 1988 was not representative of the actual burial cloth, but part of a repair done in the 16th century, causing a false date. All this and more is explained in the video below. 43 min.

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