Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Work Is Done mural

This is the fourth in a series on the murals by my parents that adorn the old Pilgrim Center in India. They were painted in Myrtle Beach in 1975 and attached to the walls in India in 1980.

The first three murals I have covered so far have been:

The Myrtle Beach mural
The El Greco mural 
The Lion Lamb mural

And this one is titled by me the My Work Is Done mural. It's actual title is from a line by Baba, “My Work Is Done 100% To My Satisfaction,” given in July 1968 at the end of a his final seclusion. The title has a double meaning in the context of the murals, as it also refers to the artists themselves, Lyn and Phyllis Ott, saying that they had completed the murals as promised, and this was to be their final statement together, a painting of the artists in their only mutual meeting with Baba in 1965.

The paintings installed in the Pilgrim Center are not signed, and thus this last painting they cooperated on and painted together was also intended to stand as their signature on the entire collection of seventeen canvases.

Before doing this painting, which they planned early on in their concept for the series, but did at the end, they posed in the light of a window in their living room as close as they could remember to their postures when in Baba's presence, and took each other's photos. These photos below are from that tiny collection of pictures, all I could scrounge up from what is left from those days.

The photo above of the mural itself is by Ken Neunzig.

Update 11-13-14:

You can enlarge the image of the painting considerably by clicking on it. Today I did, and noticed for the first time that this painting is indeed signed in the lower left-hand corner, the only one that was. I was never aware of this until today. Thus this was the signature painting of the series of seventeen canvases commissioned for the Pilgrim Center in 1975.

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