Saturday, June 24, 2017

Topsy Turvy, Upside Down

Video produced by Dom Rice of Australia, Dec 3, 2015. Interesting original thoughts. I was also a consultant on the video as seen in the credits. Thank you Dom.

Other brilliant videos by Dom Rice include this one, that was hosted by Dom's permission on Russia Insider in October 2015. It had over 42,000 views.

Dom is a person that follows world events carefully, and sees things in a broad historical context. His thoughts are both informed by research and a deep knowledge of Baba's words. I've known Dom for eleven years and have become one of his greatest admirers, even if he sometimes shocks me with his frankness. And he returns the favor in my own work. Dom speaks his true feelings, which change and evolve with new data, and is not afraid of not conforming to the status quo.

He has the old soul of an ancient warrior who probably fought with Shivaji. He does not know the meaning of fear or shallow conformity.

Dom in the New Zealand Infantry in Malaysia, 1987

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