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UFOs are nothing but a CIA deception on the world public. This alternative religion was created by the CIA in 1946 at two sights, the White Sands Missile Proving Grounds in southern New Mexico, and in Cascade Mountains by Avro Canada, working in close cooperation. The faked UFO phenomenon was the brain-child of German rocket scientists and intelligence agents brought to the Americas after WWII under the cloak of Operation Paperclip.

More importantly, the appearance of a 'government coverup' was created by the CIA at the same time to give further believability to the manufactured myth.

Project Blue Book was a PSYOP Legers were filled with fictitious witnesses, all as part of a public masquerade.

Had Baba said more than that these were 'not from other planets' his disciples would have been interrogated by the CIA. On both cases that Baba repeated they were not from other planets, Baba gave a smile as if he knew an inside joke.

Yet some Baba lovers go on hypothesizing they are time-travelers, or from 'another dimension.' Both time-travel and other dimensions are equally a psy-op. No such things exist.

Another Baba lover theory is they are astral. Baba never indicated there are spaceships flying around in the astral. That is incredibly silly, and shows the lengths some Baba lovers will take to satisfy their inability to unspiritualize this phenomenon. It is the same phenomenon as Baba lovers have letting go in believing in Atlantis, as it was once important to their pre-Baba theosophical reading.

Let it go people. There's nothing there.

The notion of aliens from other planets coming to attack earth was created by H. G. Wells, also author of The Open Conspiracy and The New World Order. 

See my article Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic where Wells is discussed.

1929 Pulp Science Fiction Magazine
Above is one of the first depictions of a "flying saucer," by illustrator Frank R. Paul on the October 1929 issue of Hugo Gernsback's pulp science fiction magazine Science Wonder Stories. Although the term "flying saucer" wasn't introduced until 1947, fantasy artwork in pulp magazines prepared the American mind to be receptive to the idea of "flying saucers."

Notice that there are no "History Channel" episodes telling you that these are unreal, or even giving air time to the possibility they are.

Again, you are being deceived. As I asked in the preceding post on Atlantis, what do you 'need' UFOs to be 'real' for? Why does Hollywood so desperately want you to? How convenient to put our new 'gods' in the sky, taking humanity for fools.
We search the stars for Truth and dig into the earth to find Being
and the eyes of our souls stare into the darkness of our walled hearts.
— Francis Brabazon, Stay With God, 1990 edition, p. 100

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