Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baba on Flying Saucers

Flying saucer
Ivy Duce wrote that she visited the Museum of Natural History in New York with Meher Baba in 1952, while he was recovering from a car accident:

"As Mehera guided Baba's wheelchair, I trotted along beside her, and during a lonely stretch of corridor, I leaned over and asked him, 'Have any of the people asked you about flying saucers, Baba?' Baba gave me a knowing look, which indicated that he suspected that I was interested also. "Yes, two people. I told them that they do not come from other planets."

(How a Master Works, by Ivy Oneita Duce, p. 128)

"At Pimpalgaon, there was an opportunity to ask questions, for Baba was at leisure, without visitors. So now was my chance.

'Baba!' I said boldly, 'Where do the Flying Saucers come from?'

Baba's face relaxed into a broad smile. 'I would not answer that question for anybody, but to you only! They do not come from another planet...'

The rest of the answer, I feel, should not be given out at present, but as books are being published to prove that the Saucer's come from Venus, etc., this part of the explanation can be given."

(Irene H. Conybeare, The Awakener Magazine, 1:4, Spring 1954)

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