Friday, August 21, 2009

Baba's other little sister

Meher Baba is on the left in the sailor suit. The little boy on the right is his older brother Jamshed. The baby girl is Baba's little sister Freiny. Freiny died in 1902 of the plague when she a young child (Lord Meher, p. 156). In addition to Freiny, Baba had two brothers who also died, one named Shirmund (7 months) and another named Jehangir (2 years). Baba had eight siblings in all.
  1. Jamshed
  2. Freini (died as a small child)
  3. Jal
  4. Shirmund (died at seven months)
  5. Jehangir (died at two years)
  6. Behram
  7. Ardeshir or Adi
  8. Mani


  1. Problem: No way could she have been six when she died in 1902, this was taken in 1899 if Baba is indeed age 5, and she is no more than 1 year old in this pic..which means she was 3 at the most at the time of death in 1902. Somethings wrong. Just sayin