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More images showing the comparison between the first "flying saucer" sighting by Kenneth Arnold in June, 1947 over the Cascade Mountains, and the Nazi Horten flying wing, designs of which had been captured from the Nazis and brought to the United States and Canada after WWII, and which were still classified in 1947.

Kenneth Arnold's drawing of what he saw in 1947.

1948 document showing the Horten flying wing design
was classified at the time Arnold reported his sighting.

Horten IX V-1 glider test vehicle
Horten XVIII proposed Nazi stealth bomber
Modern U.S. B-2 stealth bomber, developed in secret,
first flew in 1989 and introduced in 1997
Developing the Horten XVIII basic plan into the B-2 took the United States forty years in secret. The reason for this long delay was that the flying wing design is essentially unstable due to the absence of a tail. Having no tail-drag has advantages for speed, maneuverability, and stealth, but makes the plane hard for a pilot to control. This led to many crashes in testing in Germany, and may be why the flying wing was never successfully introduced into the war. It was not until the development of advanced computer technology that the tailless wing design became practical, as a computer was able to make thousands of in-flight adjustments to keep the plane stable.

Unloading of captured Horten Ho 229 V3 in the USA in 1945
The secrecy of this development was likely part of what led to the belief that America had alien technology, or it may have been disinformation by the CIA (which also formed in 1947). In fact, there is a truth to the idea the U.S. was reverse engineering advanced alien technology, if we substitute the word 'alien' with 'Nazi.' For certainly the Nazis had superior technology to the Allies.

Left: German Klystron tube of 1940-1941. Right: German semiconductor chips.
Sightings of other saucer-like designs being developed in secret may have also contributed to this growing paranoia. The following documentary describes additional man-made flying saucer designs developed by governments under wraps during the height of the flying saucer craze.

For more on the topic of man-made UFO's I recommend the books UFO Revelation: the Secret Technology Exposed? by Tim Matthews, London: Blandford, 1999, and Projekt UFO: The Case for Man-Made Flying Saucers by W.A. Harbinson, London: Boxtree, 1995.

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