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Meher Baba on WWII

"...a great war will break out and rage between the western countries Russia, America, England, Italy, Germany and others. There will be such chaos and confusion throughout the world that not one leader will understand what to do." (Meher Baba, June 1930. LM 1315)

The Nazis seized power over Weimar Germany in January, 1933. World War II began in September, 1939. Meher Baba correctly named all five of the major western ally and axis powers involved nine years before the war began.

Operations Barbarossa and Paperclip

On March 15, 1941 Meher Baba said of the war,
"They do not know that no one will win and no one will be defeated. It will be quite a new, third result. England will suffer very much. India will be in a mess. Russia holds the key." (Meher Baba, March 1941. LM 2682)  [See update below]
Operation Barbarossa, the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of Russia during World War II, commenced on June 22, 1941, three months after Baba said this. During the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, Sir Hartley Shawcross announced that the plan to invade Russia was made in March 1941, exactly when Baba said that Russia held the key. Many Historians believe that Hitler's ill-conceived invasion of Russia marked the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler.
England will suffer very much.
England suffered great austerities during the war, including attacks by German V-2 rockets from 1944. One Baba lover died in the bombing of London.
India will be in a mess.
After the war India was left in chaos and eventually split into India and Pakistan in 1947, their Kashmir border disputed to this day. one will win and no one will be defeated. It will be quite a new, third result.
The sense in which there was no clear winner or loser is only now becoming historically clear - as it is learned that through Operation Paperclip and other covert operations, Nazi staff and practices were simply adopted by Russia and the United States, and the institutions that caused the war continue to operate today. Most of the chaos in Israel and the Middle East can be traced to events that were underway at the close of WWII.

Update 3.8.2014

There appears to be a confirmation that it was Operation Barbarossa that Baba was referring to when he said Russia "holds the key" in mid-March 1941. In the newly revised online edition of Lord Meher, it quotes Baba as saying to his mandali in December 1941:
Stalin is very cunning with his big mustache. He has proved a perfect actor in this great world drama, playing his part very well, giving a most astounding stand to Hitler and the attacks of the German army on their 2,000-mile front. Russia holds the key position in the final settlement, and America will be the deciding factor. (LM, 2012 revised online edition, p. 2246

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