Thursday, October 17, 2013

Begin the Beguine - Once Again

I made an error in my post Begin the Beguine. The version of the Cole Porter song "Begin the Beguine" played at Baba's tomb in 1969 after his passing was not the Artie Shaw version as I had thought; it was the one by Leslie Hutchinson.

(The Awakener, 1970, Volume 13, Numbers 1 and 2, p. 8)

Here it is.


  1. A sublime version, displaying a timbre as pleasing as Irish coffee. The only vocalist who still has this kind of vocal magic (to my ears) is my friend Maestro Andy Rawn, whose "Beautiful Dreamer" Baba would have enjoyed... Best wishes, Frankie

    1. It sounds a little bit like a singer I know, Frankie Paradiso! (:

    2. Hutchinson's version is also the version played in the 1/2 hour film of Meher Baba called "The Ancient One"--a film that features footage from a May 1965 darshan.

  2. Check out Leslie's story, it's very interesting.