Monday, October 21, 2013

Parting of Frodo

When a disciple gains liberation, does his master weep?!


  1. Replies
    1. I remember back in '74 Arnavaz telling me at her and Nariman's home at Ashiana (Bombay) that Baba wept when given the news that Gustadji had been released from his physical form. Paraphrasing, Baba expressed to those present..."..I have lost my dear friend." I gained a deeper sense of His Presence in our lives, even when Baba is not physically present (a gift He taught us in the New Life.) This tender story of Baba being so moved at the loss of His good friend, Gustadji, touched me deeply. Arnavaz' voice quavered as she recalled this story, and you could literally 'smell' the fragrance of the Master. For me, the curtain from the window of life had been gently swept aside, and in that brief moment exposed the intimacy the Master shares with each of us. His Companionship resonates within us as we journey from Him, and back to Him. I imagined the joy of the Lord when that compilation of sojourns throughout lifetimes brings the journey to its Divine Conclusion. For me Baba's tears when Gustadji passed along, added depth to the' glory' of Realization by Baba exposing for us (through this reaction) the tenderness and love found in the Gift of Union with the Lord. I wept as I saw this 5 minute clip...Of course, when Baba's own brother died, He sent for ladoos to be distributed, a large Indian treat usually given on joyous occasions such as weddings and births. Paraphrasing again, "...if you could see what I am seeing!...".Thank you.This brought about a sweet memory for me.