Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Very Prophetic Photo

A very Prophetic Photo (partly colourised) from the 1920s. Its all here in this picture, what Baba will do. 'Everything Baba does has meaning' Mani.
1. The Dark Cloud, which he stated often as 'coming'
2. The Ocean churns, turbulent times in creation.
3 / 4 Eastern and Western attire, the Avatar is for both this time, lots of work in the West and East
5. A Book. Sacred Law. Great things will come to pass. It is written, by God
6. Look down, the bare Earth is visible, the painted seascape screen can be seen. The illusion of creation is thus exposed by the Avatar.
7. Not numbered. All this adds up to, 'I have come not to teach but to Awaken'.

Concept by Dom Rice of Queensland, Australia. Reproduced with permission.

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