Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Intention

I wish to explain what the intention behind all my writing of the past 13 years is.

My goal in this life is to give some arrows to follow for a new generation, a generation that will eventually come along and approach Baba's works and life from a new vantage point, an angle of view that is cleansed of post-late-medieval and post-modernistic popular misconceptions and deceptions.

To do so will take a discussion and critique of those very misconceptions and later deceptions. This will require a book, or some books. These I'm now working on, but are not scheduled to be published for some time.

These include a decline, not a rise, in metaphysical understanding in the West beginning around the year 1100, a loss of the Chain of Being and why, and the ideas that came and were pushed on humanity to fill the void. That history and critique will take quite a bit of explaining, and is dense.

Only then, with such a background of understanding of what was ancient that what was lost, and a clear understanding of how we got to where we are, and what is utter nonsense and sophistry in our time, can a new generation to come be able to see what Baba is in fact giving us -- and what he is not and wrongly thought to have been.

My message to that generation, when it is sufficiently sick of things as they are and skeptical enough of where we are and the motives of those who brought us here, is to begin with fresh cleaned-up minds. And they themselves will have to clean up their minds. No one can do it for them. This involves avoiding rock and roll music, especially the kind that has a driving drum beat. This drumming is preventing people from being able to think. The second is to avoid the mind-changing drugs that Baba spoke of at all cost, as utter spiritual and mental poison. These drugs include marijuana most (because it is most prevalent and becoming increasingly normalized), as well as psilocybin, peyote, LSD, and all street drugs.

Divorce yourselves from all that is groovy. Do not worry about being 'cool.' Such terms are designed to keep you inside a circle of delusion, imposed ideas, and give the illusion of rebellion, when they imply the very opposite. The word 'groovy' comes from Jazz musicians in the 1930s noticing that the needle of a record remains in the groove of the vinyl, and this metaphor was extended to the way one's body movements become 'locked in' the rhythms in the music. This is also true of blues and rock and roll. Notice that this does not happen with classical or traditional religious music. Notice you can read to Gregorian Chants and still follow what you are reading and have your own thoughts, where you cannot read difficult works with full concentration to the sound of these modern forms of music. You cannot have true original thoughts. You cannot escape the box. Yet they give you a feeling that you and some 'group' are doing just that. This is a deliberate deception, and why public places across the nation today are filled with this sort of music in the background. See this site.

Also avoid all that is new age and new age music. In short leave your psychic body alone. Keep it clean, unalloyed from manipulation from anything deliberately aimed at it.

Avoid Course in Miracles and 'channeled books.' Avoid all post-modern philosophy known as Analytic. It is deliberately deceptive and dumbs you down, while giving you a pseudo feeling of sophistication. Forget all you heard about quantum mechanics. Forget Einstein too. You have been deceived. And forget the UFOs. They too were and are a deliberate deception meant to keep you stupid and looking up rather than in for sources, causes, and salvation -- as materialists ever gazing into the physical sky for answers. Forget 'dimensions.' They are another hoax. And forget time travel, meant to confuse you and divorce you from your natural-born intuitions, and keep you waxing stupid in belief you are being profound, and superstitious - thinking yourself 'outside the box.' You are in the box you have been deceptively put in when you think such things are real facts of nature.

See through the nonsense of Karl Marx, and educate yourself on the failures of Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism. There are dozens of books rightly pointing out the failures of such pseudo-science and its true intended purpose. These are lies and have a clear history you are not yet being told.

This is a tall order and will sound harsh. But if the person who saw it as such knew half how harsh the measures were that got them where they are, they would not protest. Baba is not saying what people today think he is saying, and our inability to hear his words and their true meaning and applicability and importance has been due to debilitating mind-control people will soon be aware of. 

To this new generation, I recommend approaching Baba's life and message with a fresh clean mind, educated in the deceptions of the past, and ready to hear what is truly in them.

I don't expect anyone from the current generations now reading this to agree with me. I expect them to think I'm insane - and level any sort of epithet at me. I don't blame them for it. What was done to them was cruel and sad, and that they don't know it is also heartbreaking.

So long as we allow these deceptions and forms of subliminal mind-control remain in force, the spiritual revival in America that Baba spoke so often of will be thwarted.

But they will not stop until people begin to shun them, to stop listening to them. Even forget the idea of rising up or revolution. Such 'revolutions' are always created by elites, and made to look populist and grass-roots, and are what brought us to where we are, used on us. 'Revolution' is the tool of Machiavellians to fool the people. And stop looking out and up into the sky for something external to pull one out. No external event can 'wake you up.' Stop waiting for it. Begin today by doubting all you hear - and prepare yourself for a new dispensation of the old.

The designed deception of 'revolution' to manipulate people
When you hear the truth of history, and have the facts shown to you, you will recognize the truth in yourself that was never really lost, only lost site of, and that Baba has come to revitalize it. He has not come to bring something new or revolutionary, but to bring new life to the old and misunderstood. We will regain what is forgotten.

Shun all you hear that is new. Forget cool. We are not going back into the past, or reviving dead forms. We are going to have a new understanding of the ancient.

We are not coming to a 'brave new world,' but a fresh revitalization and renewal of the old. What is good does not require 'bravery.' Does one need to be brave to accept health, or peace of mind, or true insight? The "Brave New World" envisioned by deceivers of the past is cold, materialistic, and unsympathetic, and requires bravery. The only thing we need bravery for is now, to get through the travail of this passing, but soon dying, 'New World Order.' 

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